The Power of Unplugged Holidays

One of the most popular posts of 2018 here on the blog has been the one I've written back in March, The Power of Unplugged Weekends, where I shared my experience with staying away from social media during the weekend and how it was positively affecting my life. I'm proud to report that I managed… Continue reading The Power of Unplugged Holidays

How I’m Using Social Media in 2018

A few days ago The Minimalists published a blog post explaining why they took January off from social media and how they are going to use them in 2018. I really enjoyed reading it and it inspired me to write something similar since I’ve made some quality changes during the last few months. First of… Continue reading How I’m Using Social Media in 2018

What I Learned After Two Years on Twitter

I created my very first Twitter account back in 2010 when I started blogging and it was a horrible I-rant-and-complain-all-day-against-universe kind of thing, one of those profiles you’d never follow at these days. I started tweeting for real back in 2013 when I joined Middle-earth News, and that’s also why my handle was @alicegreenleaf. It… Continue reading What I Learned After Two Years on Twitter