I Miss Blogs Too

The other day, my friend Kristin shared her thoughts on how blogging has changed lately and how many bloggers we loved to follow decided to quit moving their content over Instagram or other social media. This made me reflect since I've been one of those who thought about quit blogging last year. I couldn't see… Continue reading I Miss Blogs Too

#OldSchoolBlogging and Why I’m Tired of Fake Experts Online

I was planning to write a blog post about the snow we’ve been lucky to have (it basically never happens before Christmas here), but then I stumbled upon an article that made me realize how much tired I am of self-promotion and why I want to go back and write just for fun in my… Continue reading #OldSchoolBlogging and Why I’m Tired of Fake Experts Online

10 Years of Blogging: My Timeline

Few months ago, I share my thoughts after 10 years of active blogging. I was so emotional in that post that I didn't even bothered to write an actual timeline, it might be a bit boring to read, since I didn't save any screenshot of my past blogs through the years, but I know it's something… Continue reading 10 Years of Blogging: My Timeline

What I Learned After One Year of (Intentional) Blogging

Last week, during the #DaringCreative ( a Twitter chat by Kyla Roma), I was asked to talk about the early process of growth of my blog and I thought it would be a great topic to share, since The Geeky Burrow has just celebrated one year of life in August.My blogging story starts in 2007… Continue reading What I Learned After One Year of (Intentional) Blogging