My new laptop setup

A couple of days ago, I received a new laptop as a graduation gift from my parents and relatives since my old one is 8 years old and still runs Windows 7 (because it wouldn't survive an upgrade to Windows 10) and, since Microsoft has announced that its updates are going to be discontinued in… Continue reading My new laptop setup

What I learned about in-app purchases and why I don’t buy them anymore

Getting my very first smartphone (which was a second-hand iPhone 4) and opening my Instagram account gave me so much freedom concerning photography. As I've already written before, I used to take photos all the time. And, even if I never managed to get so many followers on Instagram (even if I consider 1k a… Continue reading What I learned about in-app purchases and why I don’t buy them anymore

How I Stay Organized | Spring 2018

Since the beginning of the year, for the most part of the week, I'm locked at home (or in my University library) all day writing my thesis, my routine completely changed since last year. I don’t have classes nor exams to study for anymore (*jumps up and down for the excitement*) and I have a… Continue reading How I Stay Organized | Spring 2018

What’s Saving My Life Right Now

For the second year in a row, I find myself wanting to recap the past month with a Currently post because lists are my jam and, for the second time, Anne Bogel saves me announcing her link-up. There are few things that I’m enjoying right now and are making my life better and I thought… Continue reading What’s Saving My Life Right Now

How I Stay Organized | Fall 2017

One of the things I struggle with the most is my love for technology. While I finally forced myself to automate my social media profiles and I just left Instagram (and a couple of Facebook groups) into my life, I still struggle with my insane love for apps. I like to watch videos and read… Continue reading How I Stay Organized | Fall 2017

A Smartphone Packing Party

My very first smartphone was a second-hand iPhone 4 that I got for my birthday in 2013. A friend of mine was upgrading his phone and offered to give me his old one for free that Fall, I couldn't be happier! The problem was that I was starting my smartphone journey with a phone that… Continue reading A Smartphone Packing Party