What’s saving my life right now

Today I'm participating in Anne Bogel's link-up sharing what's literally saving my life right now. The purpose of this annual blog post is to beat the sadness and gloom of long Winter days cheering us up with a list of things we're currently finding useful and life-saving. To be honest, I don't hate Winter (I… Continue reading What’s saving my life right now

Why I’m shifting my storytelling focus once again

When I enter planning mode for my blog, I usually get paralyzed because everything feels more official and I don't know where to start. I feel like every single blog post needs to be perfect, evergreen, shareable, helpful, pinnable, and so on. After a good start of the year (concerning blogging), I got stuck and… Continue reading Why I’m shifting my storytelling focus once again

My 2019 Journals and Notebooks

As I've previously written, one of the things that didn't work for me in 2018 has been planners. Once again, I've fallen into the bullet journal trap trying to do what other people were doing without actually considering my own needs. I've finally managed to find my own way only in November, after reading The… Continue reading My 2019 Journals and Notebooks