Getting back into music and my musical identity

After getting out of my teenage years, I’ve spent almost a decade of my life in a sort of musical identity crisis. For years, I’ve lived through those CD compilations exchanged with friends and I treasured every single one of them because music was expensive and difficult to find back then. Then Spotify came and… Continue reading Getting back into music and my musical identity

What I Learned After a Month without Instagram

Foreword After my successful 12 day break from social media during the Holidays, I spent the first few months of 2019 in a complete state of messiness because of my thesis deadline and a couple of other issues. So my resolution to maintain social media free weekends basically didn’t happen. I was so anxious and… Continue reading What I Learned After a Month without Instagram

A slow pace reading life

For the longest part of my life, I never paid attention to the books I was reading, meaning that I read what I wanted when I could and I purchased new books once in a while (the perks of not living close to a library). I knew about Goodreads but being an "all or nothing"… Continue reading A slow pace reading life