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June 2019

Getting back into music and my musical identity
What I Learned After a Month without Instagram

April 2019

A slow pace reading life

February 2019

Digital Minimalism (+ my Facebook story)

January 2019

How I Stay Organized | Winter 2019
My 2019 Journals and Notebooks
The Power of Unplugged Holidays

December 2018

Books I’ve Read in 2018
What Worked for Me in 2018 (and What Didn’t)

November 2018

Why You Should Hide Your Toolbar and Other Deep Work Hacks

August 2018

How To Start a Blog on a Budget | Part 3: Putting It All Together
How To Start a Blog on a Budget | Part 2: Planning and Branding
How To Start a Blog on a Budget | Part 1: Starting Out

July 2018

My Season of Less

June 2018

What I’ve Learned After 6 Months of Daily Yoga
My Visit to the Harry Potter Exhibition!

May 2018

On Quitting Bookstagram (For Now)

April 2018

Reflections on my lunch break and how I wasted my time on Instagram
April Small Goals

March 2018

How I Stay Organized | Spring 2018
The Power of Unplugged Weekends
A Different Way to Use Instagram | My Experience
March Small Goals

February 2018

I Miss Blogs Too
I’m Breaking My Book Buying Ban
How I’m Using Social Media in 2018
February Small Goals
What’s Saving My Life Right Now

January 2018

January Small Goals + My Word for 2018

December 2017

What Worked for Me in 2017 (and What Didn’t)
#OldSchoolBlogging and Why I’m Tired of Fake Experts Online
December Small Goals + End of the Year Reflections

November 2017

Broken Moon by Sarah Beth Moore
My Bookish Rules
How I Stay Organized | Fall 2017
My Project Life Goals for 2018

October 2017

Why Discovering Your Personality Type Matters

September 2017

All About Podcasts and Why I Love Them
Summer Photo Diary

August 2017

Journal Update | August 2017
How to Create a Custom Productivity Dashboard with Milanote

July 2017

A Smartphone Packing Party
10 Years of Blogging: My Timeline
The Month of Self Care

June 2017

A Fresh Start
Thoughts on Building a Healthier Relationship with the Internet

May 2017

How I Use Google Keep As My Main Inbox

April 2017

10 Years of Blogging
A New Addition to My Tolkien Collection

March 2017

The Pressure of Not Reading Enough

February 2017

Two Weeks Away from Twitter

January 2017

How I Rate Books
My One Little Word for 2017 + Goals

December 2016

Bullet Journal | One Year Later

November 2016

How I Manage My Multiple Interests and Projects with Trello

October 2016

How I Use Todoist as a Student
I’m a Seasonal Reader

September 2016

Why I’m Switching from Bloglovin’ to Feedly After Five Years
My Reading Journal (Bullet Journal Style)
My Summer Book Bingo Fail

June 2016

Book Talk | The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs

May 2016

Getting Things Done + My May Action Step
Alice in Bookland: Salone del Libro 2016
25 Bookish Facts About Me

April 2016

Book Talk | Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

March 2016

How I Organize My Books and Music with Trello
Snapshots | Snow!

February 2016

Book Talk | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

January 2016

Book Talk | Once Upon A Time: Red’s Untold Tale by Wendy Toliver

December 2015

Being More with Less in 2016

November 2015

How I Manage My Time with Google Calendar
London Snapshots Vol. 3
London Snapshots Vol. 2
London Snapshots Vol. 1
How I Planned my Trip to London with Trello

October 2015

Twenty Five
How to Organize Your TV Series with Wunderlist

September 2015

What I Learned After One Year of (Intentional) Blogging
The Best Instagram Advice I Ever Received
How I Use Trello, Asana and Evernote to Organize my Blog
My Reading List Journal (aka Paper Goodreads)

July 2015

Snapshots | Summer

June 2015

My Summer ‘Reading & Watching’ List

May 2015

What I Learned After Two Years on Twitter

March 2015

How to Increase Your Productivity Playing Habitica

January 2015

Review | The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
That’s Me in 2015 (Part 2)
That’s Me in 2015 (Part 1)

November 2014

How to Get Through Social Media Burnout

October 2014

I Heart Instagram

September 2014

My 4 Plain Goals

August 2014

My Week as Cat-sitter