My new laptop setup

A couple of days ago, I received a new laptop as a graduation gift from my parents and relatives since my old one is 8 years old and still runs Windows 7 (because it wouldn’t survive an upgrade to Windows 10) and, since Microsoft has announced that its updates are going to be discontinued in 2020, I had to get a new laptop. It feels a bit weird having 2 functioning machines at the same time and I had to free some space in my closet because I can’t keep both on my desk!

I’m slowly adjusting to a life with a smaller and lighter laptop (the old one is a 17″ beast that weighs 3kg plus it overheats so it’s like having a feverish fat cat on your lap) and it’s amazing being able to easily work from my bed or the sofa with this extremely silent machine and getting so many improvements like opening more than one program at a time or being able to see emojis rather than white squares! By the way, this beauty has been called Celebrimbor (the guy who crafted the Doors of Durin and the One Ring), after an accurate poll on Twitter and Instagram!

Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has been quite the change and I thought it would be fun to share my new setup.

First of all, I’ve cleared out my old laptop uninstalling most of the programs I will no longer use there, because my plan is to keep it as a storage space and “media center” (since the bigger screen is great for playing LOTRO and watching Netflix), while the new laptop is going to be used mostly for work and blogging, as well as social media management.

My second step has been to clear and customize the Start page on Windows 10 because it came with a ton of useless stuff, I also uninstalled a bunch of apps (is there actually anyone using eBay from the app rather than the browser??) and games. Here is how it looks now:

It feels a bit weird being tempted by the Netflix app with the series I’m currently watching but, as long as there is that Vikings thumbnail, I won’t complain… 😂

Concerning apps and programs, I kept them at the bare minimum.

  • Microsoft To Do: I’m not actually using it right now but it integrates so well with the email app that I decided to add it and I’m seriously thinking about using it, especially after the latest redesign.
  • Evernote: I’m hoping to get the new Beta soon with the improved editor.
  • Notion: I use it to manage my work for Keep Productive since I share a workspace with Francesco and we keep our editorial calendar there.

The toolbar, instead, is for the apps I use all the time.

  • Discord
  • Spotify
  • Newsflow: feed RSS reader for the blogs I follow (I like to have them all outside the browser).
  • OneNote: my current note-taking app since it works incredibly well on Windows 10 and doesn’t have any device limit (I’m currently using it to draft this post!).
  • Trello: my project manager, online portfolio, yoga database, job hunting diary, and so much more.
  • Default email app: it’s basically a lighter version of Outlook and I love it to manage multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Firefox: the browser I use for social media and random web searching.
  • Chrome: my “accounts browser” and the one I use for work.

I decided to split my browsers both for work/life balance and to avoid as much as I can tracking pixels from social media websites.

Not pictured:

  • Dropbox: to sync assets and temporary files across my old laptop, my smartphone and the new laptop.
  • Google Drive: files storage.

As you can see, I have a very simple setup but it works extremely well for me! However, I still have to finish exploring Windows 10. For example, I have to figure out the multiple desktops thing and try to interact with Cortana!

6 thoughts on “My new laptop setup

  1. What a great gift, and congrats on your graduation! I’d love to work on my laptop in bed but my old Lenovo is too heavy for that, even though I do love the hardware and all the space it gives me.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

  2. I’m not a Windows user but Windows 10 is quite nice! I used to hate Windows but after Windows 7 there have been some good updates. I’m not sure I would say that after using it for a while though.. I love MacOS.

    1. Honestly, I’ve never used a Mac since they are extremely expensive, at least where I live (2 or 3 times the price of my new laptop), and I’ve never been able to afford one. Thankfully, I’ve always enjoyed Windows.

  3. Oh god it’s such a hassle to change computers. My computer crashed a few weeks ago so we had to reinstall everything and… well, you forget so much of all the settings and stuff so it’s chaos for a few days haha. “How the HECK did I link this folder to this icon?? REALLY?”

    My old laptop is eight years old too and to be honest, it’s struggling, but we keep powering on, mostly because I don’t want to buy a new macbook (expensive man) and I don’t want a PC because the macbook has worked so well for so long. My stationary computer is a PC of course because IOS is HORRIBLE to work with more functionally than writing and surfing.

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