Nature photos and a further reflection on blogging

Besides living in the country, it’s hard to find “curated” nature here. This is mostly an issue of the region where I live (because I noticed that other part of the country are treated in a better way). Here, woods get neglected, nobody clear paths and there is plenty of trash and weeds that make it impossible to enjoy nature at its best. Which is horrible, in my opinion. But I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to a garden shop that has a cute little pond with fishes and turtles so, when I go there to buy my cat’s food, I always spend some time by the pond.

I never get tired to take photos of this corner but I realized that I’ve always shared them on Instagram without even bothering to resize them and upload them here.

At the end of last year, I decided to purge my Following list both on Twitter and Instagram, this is something I’ve been doing regularly at least once I year because I like to have “clean” feeds. However, even if I’ve only stopped following brand accounts or people I never interacted with, it turned out that the apps, the algorithms or whatever, decided on their own to unfollow some online friends of mine. But I didn’t actually realize it since I was so stressed with my thesis work and life in general that most of my time was spent in the Explore feed of Instagram scrolling through silly memes. At that time, I also stopped using Feedly because I was in a complete state of exhaustion, I guess, a little bit on the burnout side.

After graduating, the heatwave and the awfully hot weather, in general, forced me to spend my vacation days at home (yay). So I started to catch up with my online pals and that’s when I found out that I didn’t follow a bunch of people anymore. I felt so silly to go back re-following them!

It turned out that, even if I was bombarded with new content every single day, I had actually missed a lot not reading their blogs anymore. This is why I really want to commit to this “old-school blogging” thing and finally, read (personal) blogs again on a regular basis. Social media are so unreliable!

I’m currently spending so much time reading blogs and catching up (yeah, I’m that creepy visitor form Italy in your stats, hi!) and, as you can see from my posting frequency, it’s really helping me to get inspired to write more.

I’ll be 29 this October and I really want to end my 20s with a healthier relationship with the internet and my smartphone. I need to recover from the past few years spent mindless scrolling.

13 thoughts on “Nature photos and a further reflection on blogging”

  1. I’m so glad that reading blogs has inspired you to write more! I haven’t been very good with reading my friends’ blogs, largely because I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my blog, and probably, you know, wasting time on social media 😆

    Recovering from mindlessly scrolling sounds like something I need as well (I just turned 28). When I read blogs I think it’s very much a more “real” aspect, it’s nothing like social media, and I think it would do me some good to catch up with some blogs I haven’t read for some time. Thank you for the reminder 😌

    1. I completely agree with you, blogging allows us to share a more personal side of ourselves in my opinion. I hope you’ll be able to catch up with your favorite blogs. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Georgie!

  2. I totally agree, and you know that by now, haha. And all of this frustration has actually led to me finding old school blogs to read! A few of them are out there! I’m still allergic and tired out of my wits but I haven’t been on Instagram or Facebook or any other social media since, and while I can’t say that it feels -good- in itself, at least I’m not scrolling and feeling sad somehow like I do when I use social media.

    Quality over quantity!

  3. I’ve been loving blogs lately and (at least trying to) spending less time on Instagram. Would love to know your favorite blogs as well!

  4. Congratulations for graduating. Also, it’s really great what you did about social media. With memes and short descriptions, a lot of aspects are lost in the discussion. This is why I prefer reading blogs instead too.

  5. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. The nature ones are definitely my favorites. I love the turtle!

    Congrats on your graduation!

    I’m always doing social media purges for the same reason. Always looking to keep my feed clean.

    Brandy –

    1. Hi Brandy, thank you so much for stopping by!

      I’m so glad you like my photos 🙂 I visited your blog and it looks gorgeous! I love your About page with all the random facts about you. Added to my feed reader. 😉

  6. I really hate the algorithms that are EVERYWHERE these days. This summer I’ve nearly stopped using social media.. it’s simply too annoying.
    It’s good to find another old school blog to read. They are so rare these days and I miss them!!!

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