Currently – August 2019

Today, I finished my journal. This is the private one where I write in stream of consciousness whenever I feel like it. No rules, no pressure.

It was given to me by a friend as a Christmas gift and I started it on January 1st of this year. The plan was to use it throughout 2019 because I usually don’t write that much but it looks like my mind was very cluttered, especially during the last couple of months. For now, I’m not planning to get a new journal until 2020 so I’m going to journal in a lined insert inside my Traveler’s Notebook.

Finishing a journal is always a bittersweet moment. This one was super special to me because was a gift but also because I LOVE the cover!

On the very last page, I decided to write a Currently list because it will be nice to go back and see what I was into this time of the year.

Reading: Aloha Betrayed by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain. This is a classic cozy mystery set on a Summer-y location and it’s perfect since I’m a huge fan of Murder, She Wrote!

Watching: Grimm, Trapped, Vikings. I’ve just realized that 2 of the shows are set in Scandinavia and 1 in Portland, Oregon, showing my need for cooler weather. Clearly, I was born on the wrong side of the world. Anyone from Scandinavia who wants to adopt me?

Listening: Sabaton’s new album and a lot of metal (I’ve discovered the weekly playlist by Spotify and the recommendations are good so far!). I’m having a great time with music lately, as I’ve written here.

Making: I’m currently writing a lot of articles for the Keep Productive blog!

Feeling: sick because of the heat and humidity and tired of what seems to be the longest and hottest Summer in history! Too many months with temperatures above 30° and my brain is fried.

Planning: a simple family dinner but also a nice lunch for August 15th (which is a national holiday here in Italy and when Summer vacations actually start).

Loving: the freedom of being done with University, even if I’m a bit scared because I’ll have to start searching for a job in September.

What are you currently reading/watching/loving/etc.?

12 thoughts on “Currently – August 2019”

  1. Hi Alice,
    I like the “currently” page as the last one of your journal. Normally I end up writing some over-optimistic entry to myself that anything is possible when I am about to finish a journal. lol.
    Currently, I’m wishing for inspiration to get out of my writer’s funk.
    That’s exciting you’re finishing up school! I’m sure you will continue to kick butt after you graduate.
    Cheers, Lily

  2. hey alice!

    i’m currently knees deep in thesis rush mode, so my reading/etc. is either productivity or sanity maintenance:

    reading: lots and lots of data science papers. -.- but i recently read a comic called murder falcon that is simply the most metal love letter to metal. a total riot!
    watching: random episodes of deep space 9, tng, or voyager. star trek is what i binge when i need to recharge batteries.
    listening: a lot of motörhead. but right now in this moment, nuclear by mike oldfield (super good!)
    making: thesis, thesis, thesis. -.-
    feeling: mostly stressed.
    planning: thesis, thesis, thesis, sports, thesis, thesis, …
    loving: the idea that no matter what comes of this work right now, it’ll be over by the end of september.

  3. What a bittersweet feeling to finish a journal! It’s been so hot and humid here as well that getting motivated lately is especially hard.

  4. I too have been listening to Sabaton’s new album. Honestly, I thought it was a bit meh. Not exactly bad just not as good as their previous stuff. I really like the standalone single Bismarck though!

    Are you still having a heatwave where you live? We got lucky: our heatwave only lasted about a week and now it’s unusually cold instead. I hope it cools down soon so you can start feeling better. It’s horrible when it’s too hot, fried brain indeed!

    Currently, I just started my last week of vacation. So I’m just trying to take it easy and recharge the batteries as much as possible before work starts again. 🙂

    (Sidenote, but I love your handwriting! It’s so pretty!)

    1. I’m really enjoying the new Sabaton’s album and my favorite songs of are Great War, The Red Baron, and Bismark but now I want to listen to the History version of the album to learn more about it. However, I’m more passionate about ancient history though so my absolute favorite is still Sparta!

      The heatwave is over per se (no more 40°!) but the weather is stuck with temperatures around 30°+ night and day so it’s a nightmare. It never used to be that hot for so many days in a row here!

      Thank you for the compliment about my handwriting 🙂 it’s usually messier but when I write with my fountain pen it kinda looks better, haha.

      Wish you a relaxing week of vacation!

  5. Well done for finishing a journal. I’ve tried a few times, but, after a couple of weeks I stop writing in it, so I know that it took a bit (if not a lot) of commitment.

  6. That’s a lovely article. I love the way you have organized the making, feeling, reading and all those aspects.

    The crazy thing is that I found you on Trello. I installed the app a couple of days back and happened to bump into your public reading board. I love to read and the board you have created there is simply amazing. It gave me ideas to create my own board. So thank you so much for sharing that. I loved it so much that I felt like stalking you and ended up here. Turns out you write lovely stuff. It’s my lucky day I guess because I am an aspiring writer and I am all for connecting with other writers.

    So yeah, long story short, thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. Much love.

    1. Manisha, you have no idea how happy I am hearing how you found my blog!! Thank you so much for stopping by (I stalk blogs all the time 😉 ), it’s so nice to connect with like-minded people. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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