A peek inside my Traveler’s Notebooks

Since I’m an avid journaler, I thought it might be fun to share what’s inside my Traveler’s Notebook.

The way I use them is pretty simple: I glue down every bits and piece (like tickets, receipts, beautiful paper, cards, etc.) I stumble upon or receive with the addition of some embellishments and, occasionally, some words. These are not my free-flow journals where I write whatever comes to mind. My Traveler’s Notebook is a tool for memory keeping.

Let’s start with the oldest one. I purchased it on Amazon back in 2015, when bullet journaling exploded and the planner community started getting bigger. It was extremely cheap (less than 10€) and it’s from an unknown brand called Cobee. When I got it, I was very excited because it was my very first Traveler’s Notebook but I was a bit disappointed to discover that it was a bit larger than the original one by Midori (now called Traveler’s Company). It’s, in fact, the same size of a Large Moleskine.

Another thing I don’t like is the material, which is some kind of vinyl and, as you can see from the photo, is very thin. I know you shouldn’t expect anything more from something that cheap, but I really don’t like the feel of it. I mean, it isn’t very different from thick piece of fabric. Not my cup of tea.

Now, I use it as an archive for my used inserts.

As you can see, this isn’t actually art journaling. It’s mostly a way to store nice things that I don’t want to throw away and that don’t actually have a home.

This Traveler’s Notebook was a gift from my dear friend Maria. I love it so much and I used it a lot! It currently holds my inserts from 2018 and the first one from this year.

Not the prettiest Instagram-worthy pages but I honestly don’t care about the result. It’s the process of putting things down and writing that matters to me because it’s my personal form of meditation.

Finally, this is the new addition to the family. It’s made by real leather and I got it for a reasonable price on Amazon (the brand is Maleden). I love how the cover gets scratched and it smells amazing!

I currently keep 2 inserts in here (one for notes and one for journaling) and a clear plastic folder to keep stickers, scrap pieces of paper and washi tape samples.

I’m so lucky to have some amazing friends abroad who always send me the best stationery supplies!

That’s it! A little tour of my own Traveler’s Notebooks. In addition to them, I also have a smaller journal that I use to write my thoughts, stream of consciousness way.

As you’ve probably noticed, the blog has a brand new look! I really like this theme because it makes it easier to navigate through the archives and see the older posts. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to explore! 🙂

6 thoughts on “A peek inside my Traveler’s Notebooks”

  1. I love these! And I love the idea of a travel journal and a diary to keep all your keepsakes in.. right now, my tickets and bits and ends from all of my travels are stored away in a shoebox 😀

    1. Thank you! I used to do the same but then I realized that I ended up hoarding stuff instead of “curating” what I wanted to keep. This way, I can discard things while I’m doing the pages of my journal and keep only the essential mementoes.

  2. Having moved so often, there’s not many things that can be tossed that has survived the turnover. I mostly photograph the info/stubs I want to save and toss’em. I love the idea of this though. It’s fun and I also hate forgetting things, so it’s right up my alley.

    I also LOVE leather goods, half of my filofax pinterest-album consists of differing kinds of leather books, notebooks, pen storages etc etc. I’m jonesing to get some but try to steer clear so I don’t end up hoarding stuff I don’t use enough.

    1. I started taking photos of the sentimental items I want to declutter and it kinda works for me. I love leather goods too but they are usually very expensive so I’m in love with my cheap Traveler’s Notebook and I can’t wait to bring it with me on an adventure!

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