Internet trends I no longer practice

I’ve been engaging in the blogging community for more than a decade and I’ve seen lots of trends come and gone and, I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of trying them only because they were popular. I was sitting on the balcony with my trusted journal this morning and I suddenly got this thought about all the things I no longer do since I started simplifying my online (and offline) life lately and I thought it would be fun to share them here, also has a personal reminder to my future self.

Here are some of the internet trends I no longer practice in my day-to-day life.

Keeping a TBR list

I used to have a list of all the books I wanted to read or, I should say, multiple lists! One on Goodreads, one in my bullet journal, one on my phone… I was doing it solely because it was one of those popular things that bookish people do online. In reality, it was giving me so much anxiety because I felt like I wasn’t reading enough and I was in a constant state of catching up with all the self-imposed bookworm standards. Now, I only keep the books I actually want to read in my Amazon wishlist so I can see if they get on sale and I can even add a comment noting why I want to read that book and who recommended it to me.

Posting on Instagram every day and oversharing my life

My Instagram break in May has been exactly what I needed in my life, to be honest. I had reached a dangerous point where I was constantly using the app and sharing stuff on Instagram Stories and the worst part was that I actually wanted to quit but I didn’t know how to do it because my addiction was too strong to make me just stop posting. The only thing I’m missing right now is taking creative photos and edit them with my favorite apps so I’m looking for a compromise.

Keeping an editorial calendar for my blog

Since my blog is not my job, I don’t see a point of keeping an editorial calendar and stress about it every week. But I used to plan every single post because, even if my blog was only a hobby, this was n’1 advice people were giving and I wanted to follow all the rules. I now write my posts and share them when I feel like it and I’m very happy with this system.

Sharing my planning pages on social media

I got obsessed with bullet journaling in the Summer of 2015 and I fell in the rabbit hole of Instagram photos and YouTube videos for a couple of years until I got extremely burned out by all those things. I used to create all sorts of complicated spreads only because I wanted to share them on Instagram but the truth is that they weren’t that functional and I was just basically designing them to show off. Now, I only share random pages in my journal (mostly notes about my blog posts) but only as a part of the picture, not as the focal point of my photos.

Watching bullet journal and organization videos on YouTube

I wasted so much time watching this kind of videos on YouTube!! And the truth is that they didn’t make me more productive, they just made me waste time with strategies and layouts while you just have put your pen on paper and do not multi-task. Now I only follow a handful of YouTube channels run by friends and my favorite people and that’s it.

Tracking silly things in my journal

If you search “bullet journal” online, you’d probably find lots and lots of artistic and complicated trackers. Of course, I tried them because it was one of the core parts of the bujo community but, to be honest, tracking the days I was posting on Instagram or when I’d floss or read was just too much for me. I live better without a tracker in my life.

Testing productivity apps just for fun

When I started dipping my toes into the tech community online, I discovered the magic world of productivity apps (Evernote, Trello, etc.) and I tried them all and I also reviewed some of them. However, even if I write about them for work, I like to do test them for that and not as a weird personal hobby to do in my free time.

Sharing my goals online

Some of you would probably remember my attempts of writing monthly blog posts about my goals here on the blog. I was doing it not because I liked it but because that was what people were recommending. Public accountability would help me to achieve my goals and stick to them. However, even if I’ve been blogging for years, I still prefer to keep this kind of things private. I also have to admit that setting monthly goals was giving me a bit of anxiety, especially when I didn’t achieve them. I discovered that I prefer to live my life in a less structured way. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any goal, it’s just something I don’t like to share with the world anymore.

6 thoughts on “Internet trends I no longer practice”

  1. I can’t believe I once posted every single day on Instagram.. now I consider it highly productive to post once or twice a week 😀

    It’s difficult not to get sucked into the IG black hole.. It’s been helping me recently to mute most people’s Instagram Stories and to watch only a few from my very favorite accounts. I simply couldn’t keep up and never knew until recently about that mute option either!

  2. Hello Alice,

    Another wonderful post! That’s a great idea about adding a comment, why you want to read a book, and who recommended it to you. I’ll have to try that on my Amazon list as well.

    1. Thank you!! I love that feature on Amazon, it helps me a lot. Previously, I kept forgetting about the books I was adding to my wishlist.

  3. I never kept a TBR list because THE STRESS. I do give myself a general outline of books I really want to read but I don’t actually have a physical or digital version of it. My To Read shelf on GR doesn’t count to me because I just add everything to that and never look at it lol. I also agree with the editorial calendar thing. I actually gave that advice multiple times, but after my hiatus, I’ve broken that rule. Again, I have a general outline but if I miss a post, or change my mind on what I want to talk about, I just don’t care haha. Life is much more relaxing when one doesn’t track everything! Great post!

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