Who am I on Instagram?

Sometimes I feel so exhausted with all my Instagram overthinking and I hate myself for that. It’s funny how my blog content focuses so much on social media now that I’m trying to stay away from them. I’m sure that I’ll cringe when rereading the archives of my blog in a couple of years. But I feel that writing about this stuff is a form of therapy for me if we can call it so.

After archiving all my old post at the beginning of the month, promising myself to not make social media plans and go with the flow, I promptly updated my seasonal hashtag collection (of course) and I pinned a note on Google Keep with a list of topic to share on my Instagram account (like, why???).

The list is called Instagram Plan and reads:

  • TRILLY (my cat)

I hate myself because even if I decide to not make plans, I always end up planning! My brain can’t help but producing strategies and lists and ideas on how to run a successful Instagram account when, at the same time, I just want to have fun.

I took a walk alone this morning after breakfast and I started analyzing my crazy mind. I went into a self-coaching session (a “Who am I, Gamling?” kind of session). I asked myself: who’s the single person I wouldn’t miss an Instagram update* right now and why? The very first name that popped into my mind surprised me.

*I’m talking about the Grid, not Stories because they are a space on their own for me.

My favorite person on Instagram right now is Miranda Otto.

Let’s analyze why. First of all, I rarely follow celebrities on Instagram because they mostly share photo-shoot images or annoying selfies (not to mention their children) that I don’t care about so I surprised myself when I clicked the Follow button after discovering she was on Instagram. She opened her account (the only social media she’s officially on) back in October 2018, the day after my birthday, to be precise, to promote her Sabrina show on Netflix and she started doing an amazing job since day one. Her photos are a mix of behind the scenes, everyday life and old memories. The day she shared a photo of a photo (hello, 1999) of her taken by Viggo Mortensen while on The Lord of the Rings set I almost cried. She doesn’t use strategic hashtags as an influencer, she promotes her show but she does it in such a funny way that I really enjoy her posts even if I don’t care about Sabrina on Netflix.

This goes with my internet friends too. I love when they share in-the-moment photos of things they visited/experienced/saw or simply photos of themselves. So why on earth I stopped sharing them??

So my “unplan” for Instagram is to stop filling my posts with 30 hashtags and constantly look at my grid to see if my photos look good together. My “unplan” is to be more like the people I love to follow and stop overthinking stuff. Let’s see if I can do it.

6 thoughts on “Who am I on Instagram?”

  1. Yeah, I struggle with the hashtags thing too. I’ve decided though that I am who I am and people will either like me or they won’t. I put whatever few hashtags seem right and move on. Of course, I only have 100 followers so perhaps not the best strategy for growing a following, even a following of people who like me haha.

    It is an internal struggle for me. To care or not to care. To self-promote or to just leave it up to chance. But is it really just up to chance when the algorithms are at work?

    Oh well. There are no answers really so I’ll just keep on keeping on.

    1. It’s so frustrating! I’m giving permission to stop treating my Instagram as a job (just like I did for my blog last year) since it’s NOT my job and there is no need to plot strategies and try to gain followers. Hopefully, it will allow me to have fun again on the platform.

  2. I struggle with the hashtags too, it feels so unnatural. It would be better if you could just search things by what they say and are rather than by hashtags so as to take that ‘influencial’ power away. I love it when hashtags are useful to promote a specific message but I hate the fact that to feel like I have a chance to be discovered I have to fill in a bunch of regular words with # at the bottom of my posts.

  3. I know the feeling.. I’ve stopped editing my Instagram stories in an app, and now I just post them straight from cam to phone, and even that small step has felt so freeing. I’m not sure if I’m ready to be that spontaneous over on my grid but I’m hoping to get there someday.

    1. Yes! One thing I also want to stop is to get my photos through 3 different photo editing apps before sharing them. It’s just insane the amount of time it takes me and I want to be more spontaneous.

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