This is probably the very first Spring in my life that I manage to do the so-called “Spring cleanings” during the correct season because I’m in this weird limbo between finishing my thesis and waiting for graduation. (Spring break doesn’t exist here in Italy. We only have Easter holidays but they are just 3-4 days spent mostly eating as if there is no tomorrow so you wouldn’t actually throw yourself in a cleaning sprint).

This past week, I’ve emptied and decluttered all my drawers, shelves, boxes and more and it feels amazing. I have to say that following Marie Kondo’s advice and dumping everything on the ground is definitely scarier but 100% more effective. I got rid of so much stuff! I also started questioning (even more than usual) what actually brings me joy online and I realized that, while my Instagram grid used to be a sacred space for me where I spent so much time crafting posts, it now doesn’t bring me joy anymore. I kinda stopped caring for the Instagram feed because the algorithm and the sponsored posts are just too much for me. I’m currently enjoying Stories, even if they aren’t good to find new people or to be found (you should add a hashtag to every image!) but it’s a nice way to stay up to date with my online friends. It’s basically Snapchat.

When I took these flowery photos last week while visiting a local garden shop, I shared them on Stories and then I thought about sharing them on my feed too, just one at a time. I shared the first one and then a week passed and I didn’t share the others. I felt like the momentum was gone and I couldn’t even find the words for a caption so I decided to share them here, on the blog, where they can be ‘admired’ for more than a 2-sec scroll and they are archived under the clever label of “spring” for future reference.

4 thoughts on “Spring”

    1. Thank you, Dee! Stories is not the ideal way to meet new people (and get new followers) but I love the fact that nothing is permanent, it makes me feel more spontaneous.

  1. 3-4 days of eating like there’s no tomorrow? Sounds like a great way to celebrate any holiday! lol

    I like Stories too. The non-permanence and spontaneity of it is what attracted me to that feature, especially when I was first starting out and not wanting to have a bad profile/grid. (So much pressure!)

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