What’s saving my life right now

Today I’m participating in Anne Bogel’s link-up sharing what’s literally saving my life right now. The purpose of this annual blog post is to beat the sadness and gloom of long Winter days cheering us up with a list of things we’re currently finding useful and life-saving. To be honest, I don’t hate Winter (I actually enjoy it!) but I think it’s always fun to participate in this kind of old-school blogging get-togethers so here is my list.

1. My daily yoga practice. Once again, I’ve joined Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Journey on January 2nd and I’ve managed to practice it every single day for 22 days straight, then I got sick and I had to take a break but it means I’ll still have brand new lessons in February to finish the 30 days so I’m happy about it.

2. Coffee Chat & Support for Online Creatives. It’s no secret that Facebook is like Reddit for me since I only use it for Groups and I have to say this little and new group I’ve joined, created by Helen Redfern, is becoming my favorite place to spend some time online and interact with fellow bloggers and content creators.

3. Book School Classes. I’ve decided to take Anne Bogel’s classes in order to improve my reading life and understand what kind of books I really love, my true literary tastes (not influenced by what I see online), and so on. Three weeks in (of six) and I’m loving it! I didn’t realize there are so many different ways to analyze your literary life before!

4. A bigger desk. This is a bit silly, but when I bought my current IKEA desk, I’ve basically displayed it the way was shown at the store: with only 2 legs on one side and the other side at the top of the matching dresser. It’s been like that for like 5 years and I’ve struggled a lot with lack of space, a desk too higher and the frustration of having a 17-inch laptop that was taking all the free surface of my desk. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize it, but one day I woke up and decided to buy 2 other legs for my desk and move the dresser on the side. This way I have a bigger working space and I even earned more room to store some stuff underneath the desk itself. It was so simple! It’s crazy how much time it took me to realize it.

5. Microsoft Outlook. This month, I’m going to shift my priorities a little bit and in order to be sure to not miss out on blog posts, comments, YouTube videos, and things like that, I’ve set up Microsoft Outlook on my laptop in order to have all my email accounts in the same place and check them only twice a day from my laptop, rather than multiple times and from multiple devices during the day. It also means that I only have my personal email account on my phone (the one used for online shopping and close friends + family communications) this way I don’t get too much distracted by the internet. I’m not sure why it took me so long to do it! I mean, there is nothing so urgent that requires me to check my email multiple times a day even from my phone.

6. Daily journaling. In January, I’ve participated in Matt Ragland‘s #JanuaryJournal challenge and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve been a journaler for my entire life but I’ve been finding myself experimenting with new forms of journaling lately, like keeping simple logs of my days and things like that. A great way to clear my busy mind.

What’s saving your life right now?

4 thoughts on “What’s saving my life right now”

  1. Hi Alice and Co. Here’s my shortlist of “What’s saving your life right now?”
    1) Gmail- I’ve consolidated 7 different emails accounts into 2 and using Gmail to manage it all. 2) I have migrated from Apple iCloud to Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive. I have to say that Google cloud is the best experience of them all. Less work, less clutter and less hassle when you play in that ecosystem. 3 Newcomer “Amazing Martin” app – a literal swiss knife for tasks, projects and anything else you can throw at it. It’s really unique in the productivity space because you can turn on/off features you need or don’t use. The system has “strategies” that turn on helpful tools like pomodoro timers, labels, and just about anything you would want from a task/project management tool. It’s put my Todoist system to shame in just about every way. I’m on a free 30 day trial where I imported 450 items from Todoist into Amazing Martin. Check this out! https://www.amazingmarvin.com/

    1. Thank you for sharing your list, Michael!

      I have 5 email addresses and I used to forward 4 of them to my main Gmail but I’m currently loving Outlook because it works outside the browser and I can tackle my inbox twice a day without being distracted. However, Gmail is great and I still use it from time to time. Google Drive is my main storage space and I love it.

      Amazing Marvin looks great but I’m on a tight budget so I can’t afford it right now.

  2. that is a beautiful blogging idea! even superficially thinking about it made me realise that at this time of the year, i really could do with some more uni/work-related life savers.

    1) hobby/entertainment wise, i wrote myself a small program a good while ago that’s for subscribing to youtube channels without having a google account. it’s also a command-line program, which means i’ll actually use it right away when i think i’d want it. (as opposed to opening a website, having to deal with their interface, all the annoying things they cram in my way, etc) the list of channels i watch has grown a bit over the last weeks, so it’d be really impractical to keep tabs on new uploads manually. being able to actually use a small selfmade tool in the daily life feels really nice, too. almost as if i knew what i was doing! 🙂
    2) yellow tea. my favourite tea store started stocking yellow tea a while ago, but i managed to miss it shortly after they introduced it, and then i forgot about it. an attentive store clerk gave me a test portion recently, and i’ve fallen in love with it immediately. (it’s a close relative of green tea – when green tea leaves get heated to stop further oxidising, it gets an extra step of packing the leaves and warming them. it makes the tea taste a bit more mellow and less ‘grassy’ than green tea.)
    3) good books. it’s a good time for nerdy books, apparently. just recently, dave addey’s ‘typeset in the future’ was released, and it’s just delightful to have a book so down my alley as this. (it’s about design and typography in scifi film.) and a few days ago, i got matt zoller seitz’ and alan sepinwall’s ‘the sopranos sessions.’ i’m a big fan of the sopranos, and matt and alan have been two of the foremost tv critics writing about it. i’m now reading the book while on a rewatch, and it’s so enriching to read so much analysis and trivia to each episode as you’re watching it.
    4) actually (hopefully) life-saving: whenever i don’t know what to do with my hands, i’m practising climbing knots. while i’ve been bouldering regularly for 2 years now, i decided that 2019 is the year i’m going to learn how to sports climb. that means i’ll have to learn to deal with climbing much much higher (>10m, as opposed to the ~3m of bouldering), and with all the safety requirements that come with it.

    the uni/work chaos plus your blog post actually sparked an interesting idea… i drew up some tentative plans for a very lightweight project management tool a while ago. it was meant to help with structuring programming tasks (showing which sub-tasks i can tackle right now, which are in-progress, how far along i am, etc), but maybe i should take a step back and think about how to make this into a more general application. fascinating, how i both knew i was planning this tool, and i’m struggling with uni/work stress, but never connected the two. thanks for spraking that inspiration! ❤

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