How I Stay Organized | Winter 2019

Normal girls get excited about a new pair of shoes, I get excited about a new app to try.

– Me

After the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 editions, I’m happy to share with you the Winter 2019 edition of how I stay organized! We have almost covered all the seasons, haha. This is basically the techy version of last week’s post about my planners and journals.

*This is post contains referral links and you can get some perks too.

The core apps

These are all the apps at the base of my system. I use them every single day for personal, university and work purposes.

Calendar: Google Calendar. I use both the browser version and the mobile app, not third-party ones. If you use Chrome as your main browser, I highly recommend you the Clean Google Calendar extension.

Tasks: Todoist*. I mostly use it for work since it integrates with Twist, which is our team communication app of choice, but I also use it for recurring personal tasks.

Files: Google Drive. I back up all my files and documents on Drive, I also use Dropbox but only for temporary stuff. More like a way to quickly transfer stuff from my phone to my computer and share files with non-techy people, who appear to understand Dropbox better than Drive.

Notes: Notion + OneNote + Google Docs. This is a bit complicated to explain, but I’ve started using Notion for work and university while using OneNote for personal notes. I’m now slowly moving everything to Notion because it’s perfect for that kind of things that don’t actually fit in a pure “notes” category and also for databases. I still use Google Docs for longer documents, articles, and things that need to be shared.

Inbox: Google Keep. I still use it for temporary stuff (I have a whole blog post about it here). I also recently started using it to write the captions of my Instagram posts since they keep the right formatting (while Instagram itself has tons of formatting issues) and I can easily write them from my laptop. Also, I’m trying to share longer captions and sometimes they come up to my mind way in advance so I just add a reminder inside the Google Keep note for the day I want to publish and if I take the photo in advance too, I add it to the same note. I used to use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts, but I prefer a more casual approach now and Keep is perfect for it.

Here is an example of my Google Keep with last week’s Instagram posts.

Other apps I use daily


Trello is still one of my absolute favorites, but the reason why I didn’t put in my core system is that it doesn’t actually fit in the tasks/notes/calendar/files categories. These days I use Trello to collaborate with other people, stay in touch with a close friend (we have a board where we save funny memes, videos and things like that, it’s nice because we can easily reference them later), manage my blog posts as a contributor, but I also have a couple of reference boards. One is for LOTRO (the MMORPG I play regularly) where I keep checklists of quests and deeds I want to complete, useful resources and things like that. The other reference board is a personal one and I use to store short notes about things I never remember, like my ring and jeans sizes, movies I want to watch, my favorite teas, screenshots of nice messages I want to keep, and so on. I know many people use Evernote for things like that, but Trello is free and the mobile app is great, it works incredibly well offline, so it makes more sense for me to use it.

My Trello board for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

I have many blog posts about Trello and you can find them here.


I used to follow tons of blogs and I collected them on Bloglovin’ and then on Feedly. I’ve recently pruned my list and for my absolute favorites I’ve set up an IFTTT applet that directly sends new posts on Pocket, so this is where I read them and where I save interesting articles I find around the web. (If you’re familiar with IFTTT, I just use an RSS to Pocket applet for each blog I follow).


This is an app that allows you to keep a private journal with text, images and videos. I usually write a short sentence in it every day and add a photo because I love the time machine feature that allows you to discover year-old entries. Instead of having a private Instagram or Tumblr, I use Journey. However, nothing beats pen and paper when it comes to journaling for me.


I wasn’t sure about including this app since it’s a period tracker and doesn’t sound very interesting. But they’ve added so many features lately that you can track much more than that. I use it to track my health in general (headaches, mood, digestion, etc.), doctor appointments, yoga, and so on. I use the free version and I find it extremely useful. This is why I don’t use habit trackers anymore, to be honest. All I need is there.


Finally, I use Toggl to track the time I spend working on articles and other work stuff. I like it because it’s free and the Chrome extension integrates with Todoist and Trello, which means I can start the timer directly from the task itself without even opening the app.

And that’s pretty much it! I’m glad I’ve finally managed to streamline the list of apps I use on a daily basis. I’m still tempted to try new apps when I see them on YouTube, for example, but I try to stick with my system as much as I can.

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6 thoughts on “How I Stay Organized | Winter 2019”

  1. Awesome setup, Alice! It does seem like you use some tools like Trello in your own unique way and it is refreshing to see that. Most setups are very much the same, here I can see how creative you were to use Trello as a reference for memes of all things ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Great stuff, congrats and hopefully we’ll see a 2020 edition if anything changes by then ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

    1. Thanks, Rodrigo! Yes, Trello is amazing because you can use it for pretty much anything and you can use Teams to separate your boards by topic. I’ll be sure to keep sharing my list of apps and tools in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So many apps ! I used to do the same before Trello then Notion. I love to have everything at the same place. Even if sometimes I really miss a specific feature of some other app :/
    Interesting to use Keep for Instagram also ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’d like to have one single app for anything, but even Notion, with all the amazing features and customizations, isn’t enough for me. But I’m happy with my simplified system so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

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