What I’ve Learned After 6 Months of Daily Yoga

This is NOT a sponsored post, I’m just sharing my personal experience.

I never talk about fitness and things like that because I’m not that kind of person. I’ve never been passionate about sports, actually, I’ve always hated them and I was horrible at them, but I managed to study classical dance for 12 years. I wasn’t a pro and I didn’t go to an actual ballet school, but still, I managed to learn a lot, it shaped myself both physically and mentally, teaching me discipline and perseverance, and it was the biggest passion of mine, the only thing I did after school.

Then, I had to quit for a couple of reasons I won’t share today and my health completely dropped. I’ve spent the last decade trying to find something easier to replace dancing, but living in the country is not your ideal setting if you want to go to the gym without wasting time (you have to take the car to do everything since we don’t have many services here).

I’ve never had any issue with food, never eaten unhealthy stuff, but I arrived at the end of the year feeling completely weak and my relationship with my body was taking a bad turn. I will never be able to get in shape like when I was a ballerina, but I couldn’t stand that feeling of perpetual tiredness anymore, not to mention how short my tendons have become during the years.

So, last year, I’ve tried a couple of videos (the shortest ones, like 5/10 minutes) on the Yoga With Adriene channel, even if I’ve never felt myself a Yoga person, and I loved them. She’s an amazing teacher and made me see Yoga in a completely different way, it’s not like what they share everywhere, all about spiritual stuff, burning incense, becoming vegan, and only drinking smoothies. It’s much much more, it’s self-love, first of all, it’s understanding how your body works, how do you feel, knowing your limits and seeing progress every day (without having to burn incense, becoming vegan and drinking smoothies, thankfully!). It’s not about the poses, it’s about the journey to get there. I have to admit that having a dance background helped since I was already used to go through a flow of poses with proper names.

As I said, I started with the shortest videos and with a schedule of 3 times per week because I didn’t want to burn myself out right away. Then, in January, Adriene released a new video every day for the whole month and so I started doing Yoga daily, even if the lessons were around 20-40 mins long (I’ve got interrupted by the flu a couple of times so I’ve basically ended it in February, but it’s okay). I love her 30-day Yoga journey series and I love her as a teacher, she’s not your typical Yogi-tuber who wears sexy clothes, looks ready for a photo shoot and does voice-overs of her super perfect videos. She has a microphone and talks to you while she does the exercises, constantly reassuring you and telling you’re amazing just for being there watching her video (I always feel super motivated by that!). It makes you feel loved, appreciated and relaxed. Every video starts and ends with a couple of minutes of meditation (basically just closing your eyes and listening to your breath) and I love that since I can still get the benefits of meditation but I don’t have to force myself doing it.

Currently, I’m doing her free videos that you can find on her YouTube channel (there are hundreds of them and you can get a new calendar with the monthly schedule if you subscribe to her newsletter), but I’d like to get her paid membership one day, which is like a Netflix for Yoga where you get the app and you can download videos to watch offline too. Every day at 6 PM, if possible, I just get on the mat and do my 20/40 minutes of Yoga. I always feel so good after that that I started looking forward to it. If my days are too busy, I would just do a couple of Sun Salutations on my own once I get home, even if it’s pretty late because it helps a lot for my back pain (being at your desk all day long is no joke!).

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve actually lost weight during the last six months, I don’t think so, I’m still not thin as I’d like to, but I’m feeling incredibly better. I can easily touch the tip of my toes and go even further, I can do a plank pose for more than a couple of seconds without collapsing on the floor.

During the last six months, I’ve learned that my body is not a gross stupid thing only because I’m not in shape anymore, I have to treat it well because it’s the only one I own. I have to stop avoiding the mirror, I will no longer be the same person I was at 18 years old, it’s insane. I’ve also learned that I can still have toned muscles without being thin at the same time, it’s just who I am right now and it’s okay.

This whole Yoga journey, along with my different approach on social media, is probably the biggest thing I’m making it happen in 2018 and it’s very close to my word of the year, slow. Not to brag, but I’m proud of myself!

13 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned After 6 Months of Daily Yoga”

  1. Agreed! Adriene has totally changed my life! I never feel as good as when I’m regularly doing her videos. I had to take a brief yoga hiatus while moving and I really felt it. Now i’m back on schedule and just so thankful she’s put these out there because they work wonders! I really want to try one of her 30 day challenges soon!

    1. I’m so glad it’s the same for you about Adriene’s videos! It’s like being on the same journey together 🙂

      I only did the TRUE 30-day yoga challenge and it’s been amazing, but I’m going to try the other ones soon, she releases a new one every January.

  2. i can relate to that!

    while i’m not on a daily yoga habit, i try to do some sort of exercise every day, and usually wish i’d find the time and motivation for yoga to take up a larger percentage of what i do. usually, it’s taking a back seat due to more pressing demands, such as having noticed that i couldn’t progress certain climbing problems because my hips aren’t flexible enough, so i make more focused stretching sessions, or just the usual strength-based exercise sessions. (there is something intoxicating about being able to hunt for the next bigger number of kgs you can perform an exercise with)

    but i noticed that yoga can do a lot for me when i had to lay off the hard training due to a mild case of elbow tendonitis – no more grip strength training, no more pullups, just elbow rehab stuff for a while – and a friend sent me a youtube link for a shoulder girdle yoga session. (from flow with adee, i believe) i was quite astonished when i made it through for the first time. this was much harder than i expected, and quite humbling, too.

    1. I’ve always thought I’d never be able to exercise every day, but I’m actually really enjoying it!

      Glad to hear that Yoga is helping you too 🙂

  3. This post made me feel so inspired! I too am someone who’s shy about athletics and have been apprehensive about even getting into yoga for fear of being incapable, but your experience has helped motivate me. I look forward to more from you!

  4. Good for you! I did a series of her videos a couple of years ago. I need to take it up again because it is so great in so many ways. I definitely don’t get up and move around and stretch enough.

  5. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you! I’ve seen so many people recommend her series and it’s great that it’s really helping people.

  6. I love this!!!! (I love yoga too, but currently average 2-3 times a week. I’m so impressed with you!) I find yoga soooo good for the soul and body too. I’m glad you don’t see your body as this gross thing anymore because it’s NOT.

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