My Visit to the Harry Potter Exhibition!

I’m happy to report that I managed to see the international Harry Potter Exhibition in Milan yesterday! I went with my mom since Harry Potter is the only geeky passion we have in common and we also went to King’s Cross together a couple of years ago, so the Wizarding World is our thing.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, there were original props and costumes displayed in a magical way. I tried to take some photos, but it was a bit too much dark there in my opinion and I have zero energies to retouch every single photo with Photoshop, to be completely honest with you. (You can click the photos below to see them larger)

I’m glad I managed to visit the exhibition, but I think that you must be a hardcore fan of Harry Potter because it’s a bit pricey for the length of the visit (less than an hour and the ticket was 18,90€, audioguide excluded). Also, I’ve been a little disappointed by the shop at the end of the visitor path because there was all the merchandising you can find on Amazon, mostly T-shirts, scarves, keychains, pens, wands (only the most common ones), etc. And things were very expensive to me. The King’s Cross shop is much more equipped. I decided to buy the Official Exhibition Guide because it has nice photos and it’s the perfect sentimental item to treasure, while my mom gifted me a Hufflepuff crest keychain, which is gorgeous.

It’s been a nice break from work and I’m so happy it was only 2-hours (by train) away!

3 thoughts on “My Visit to the Harry Potter Exhibition!

  1. Very cool! This looks like a great exhibit. I went to the Hunger Games exhibit like this in New York a couple of years ago and felt the same way…seeing the costumes and props was amazing, but it was expensive for what it was and the shop was a little disappointing. I did make off with a “Peeta’s Bakery” mug, which I’m now seeing they’re selling elsewhere (and probably cheaper). Oh well.

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