Finding My Own Voice and Snippets From A Week in the Life

I can’t believe June is almost here! It’s always weird the approaching of summertime now that I’m out of school and I don’t have classes anymore nor a traditional job, I almost never realize school is over and the Summer holidays have started until I notice that the streets are less busier. As cliche as it may sound, we don’t have four seasons anymore, so I just have to look at the calendar. Also, while in the US I noticed that Summer revolves around the 4th of July, here in Italy, everything is delayed of a month as we celebrate Ferragosto on August 15th, so that’s the week when every shop, restaurant, public place is closed and this is also when those who have a traditional office job go on vacation (and everything becomes more expensive).

I have the best Summer memories of my childhood since I’ve always lived in the countryside pretty much like a Hobbit with my own friends and village traditions. But now that I’m a grown-up Hobbit, things get a bit boring these months, all my friends moved and I’m the only one here. If you don’t have a garden nor a farm keeping you busy, living in the country can be pretty solitary and tedious…especially if you’re an introvert like me. Sometimes I have to literally force myself to pick the car and go somewhere else, just to not become a total hermit. Yeah, it isn’t a Southern Living mag kind of life, believe me.

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve participated in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, a memory keeping project to document your week with photos and then create scrapbooking layouts including some journaling. I’m happy to report that I didn’t give up on day 2 this time! I think that what actually helped me was keeping the photos private, not feeling the need to shared them allowed me to take more candid shots of my daily life. I haven’t done the scrapbooking part yet (and I don’t even know if I’ll do it), but documenting my life right now has been very important to realize that I have to be grateful for it. Here are some photos from the second week of May.

Sometimes it’s hard getting out of bed when you know your day would be exactly the same of the one before. I blame social media for that feeling though since I used to love routines, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is difficult to ignore most of the time and, even if my relationship with Instagram has improved lately (I spend way less time on that app), I still feel like it’s shaping my life. I find it harder and harder finding my own voice and that’s also why I haven’t blogged that much lately. I want a blog that reflects my own personality, my passions and my way of seeing the world, but it’s hard now that we are exposed to an information overload.

I started missing my teenage years lately when I used to buy those teen magazines and then chat with my girlfriends about the look of the stars on the red carpet, the mini posters of our crushes… There always was a little bit of mystery around famous people and I loved daydreaming about their perfect Hollywood lives. Now, with social media, everything looks more real and faker at the same time. The famous people I loved to read about on magazines look like “normal” people on Instagram (shoutout to Evangeline Lilly and her relaxed and informal Instagram Live videos, it’s like chatting with a friend), while “normal” people do everything to look like red carpet stars. Crazy, right? Most of the time it’s the dopamine generated by likes and numbers that makes us feel so special, I guess. That’s why I decided to step back offline a little bit lately. I find it harder and harder discovering my own voice when I’m surrounded by so much information. I want to stop putting a label on my online presence and just be my own true self.

4 thoughts on “Finding My Own Voice and Snippets From A Week in the Life”

  1. I love that about celebrities on social media too, but you are right…it is funny to see regular people trying to appear as though they’re pro models, etc. I appreciate people who are just being themselves!

    1. Same! It’s become more and more difficult finding those people these days, especially with the new blogging wave that we’re experiencing. 😦

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