A Different Way to Use Instagram | My Experience

I joined Instagram back in October 2013, when I got my very first smartphone, a second-hand iPhone 4. It quickly became my favourite social media and I used to publish at least one photo every single day. At that time, I liked to experiment with different angles, filters and so on, I didn’t follow any rule and I loved to take tons and tons of photos of my daily life, even if it was boring. The following year, I discovered Project Life and I even became a member of Becky Higgins’ creative team in 2016, which is one of the things I will be forever grateful for.

I’ve never had an Instagram-perfect profile, I’ve never gained tons and tons of followers, and I’ve always thought I would never get tired of the app. But then, I started feeling less and less inspired to take photos, one of the things I noticed is that, even during family dinners or simple moments outside, I was constantly trying to take Instagram-worthy photos, excluding people from them (since I don’t like to share private stuff online). Also, I stopped experimenting with lights and perspectives and this led me to a complete lack of inspiration.

These days, I’m lucky if I even take a photo in a whole week. For some time, I tried to force myself to go around with the camera app open to record my life like I used to, but it doesn’t work like that anymore. I can’t force myself to do something that used to be an enjoyable pastime. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like it.

So I decided to reduce the number of Project Life pages, going with a monthly layout (rather than a weekly one) and, most importantly, to finally convince myself that’s okay if I don’t share a photo for a whole week on Instagram. I will probably lose some followers, yes, but it’s not the end of the world, after all. After 4+ years, I’ve lost my inspiration and that’s okay, the market is so saturated now that nobody would even notice the lack of posts from my account, to be honest.

I started using Stories more though, it’s less intimidating and now that you can save the highlights on your profile, it’s definitely a better experience. Not sharing photos on my grid doesn’t mean I don’t use the app, on the contrary, I still like to keep myself updated following bloggers and friends on Instagram, I just changed the way I share my story online. Back in the days, I missed the Snapchat madness when it became the app of the moment because my old iPhone didn’t update anymore, so I couldn’t play with all the filters. When I finally got a new phone, Snapchat wasn’t a thing anymore, so I basically never tried to gain some followers there and now I’m happy I didn’t since I find it easier to have it all under Instagram.

Stories allows me to share crappy photos without feeling guilty about it, short messages to my friends, replacing Twitter, and the best part is that they are gone after 24h (if I don’t save them as highlights on my profile). Another feature that I like of Stories is that people can only send you a message to reply to your photos and can’t Like them. This way, you aren’t tempted to constantly check numbers and stats.

I’m still convinced that the good old Instagram was better. Your feed was shown chronologically and you didn’t have to spend tons of time on the app in order to see all the new posts shared by your favourite people. But I’m grateful for Stories now that I lack inspiration.

Are you still using Instagram the same way? Do you like/use Stories?

4 thoughts on “A Different Way to Use Instagram | My Experience

  1. I post stories a lot too, even though I haven’t posted an actual photo to my account in over 6 weeks! There’s so much less pressure for stories to be picture perfect.

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