Currently | October

October is almost over and I didn’t manage to stick with my goals of writing more here, but I’ve worked behind the scenes the whole month on new projects that I’m very excited for! When I stay away from the blog for too long, I always feel the need to do some recap (it happens with my journal too), so a Currently post is perfect. 🙂

Reading: Library of the Dead by Glenn Cooper, this is the first time reading this author for me. I purchased the Kindle edition a couple of years ago during an Amazon sale because it was cheap and many people recommended it to me since I’m a big fan of James Rollins. I’m halfway through the book and I have to say the writing style is enjoyable but there are some things that are described in too much detail, like the murder of a newborn…not my cup of tea!

Watching: Designated Survivor, my new favourite TV series ever, returned for a second season on Netflix! I’m also watching Star Trek Discovery because I couldn’t resist watching all the previous series and I like it so far, it should be the prequel to the original series so I should be able to understand it.

Loving: seeing pumpkins everywhere 🙂

Thinking: about Thor: Ragnarok that will be released next week just in time for my birthday!

Planning: lots of articles and collaborations. I have some plans for Travelling Geek Show, 2 new post series that will be published once a month, feel free to subscribe to the blog to stay updated! I’m collaborating with my friend Francesco for a new guest post on his brand new blog; I have a great post queued for Page Flutter (in November); I’m also planning a series of posts all about Trello and how I use it in my everyday life. I also created a homepage for all my random works around the internet, you can visit it here if you’re interested.

Finally, I decided to start a new experiment (because I wasn’t busy enough LOL) opening a new Facebook page to share all my writing works and interesting stuff I find on the internet. I’m still not sure about the name because I don’t want to make it all about my blog but I also don’t want to use my Name and Surname for reasons. “Alice’s Writing” won my Instagram poll, but I’m still not sure about it (do you have any advice? ;)).

I hope you’re doing well, how’s your October going? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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