The Month of Self Care

I’m so happy to report that moving to WordPress was the best choice ever, it worths the money and the time. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to fix the broken links yet, but you know when you push yourself too hard, you pretend too much from yourself and then your body lets you know it’s too much. Well, when that happens you have to slow down.

2017 has been a difficult year for me concerning health, my pollen allergies are evolved in a year-long kind of allergy bringing me chronic colds, I’ve been through 4 colds this Winter/Spring. Not the best thing to experience when you’re a student and you have to spend basically all day on books studying. This obviously slowed me down and made me accumulate more exams than I could manage, but I wanted to pass them all before the end of Summer. I had this big plan all laid out and I was very determined to make it.

But then other things happened and caused me even more anxiety than they should, because my body was already proven by months with an exploading head and unability to think, and I had a meltdown a couple of days ago, I had to tell my parents I couldn’t go on this way and I needed to slow down. Thankfully, they support me, but it isn’t easy, especially when you see everybody else getting a degree, while I’m always at home blowing my nose day and night. I tend to ignore my body, because I want to be stronger than it, but let me tell you friends, don’t do that. Always listen to your body!

I’m going to move 2 exams of the 3 ones I had to do to Semptember and I’m going to focus on one thing at a time. Earning my MA a couple of months later won’t be so catastrophic, jobs will still be unavailable, no matter what, and I’ll be unemployed either way (not to exaggerate, it’s just how things go here in Italy).

I’m so glad that Cori (TheResetGirl) organized her first Camp Reset this month (it’s totally virtual and free, FYI), because this is exactly what I needed, it was one of the things that actually made deciding to finally slow down and take care of myself. It’s like a camp for introverts and I’ve been journaling like crazy lately. July is going to be my month of Self Care and I hope you’ll follow my advice, friends.

Always listen to your body. ❤

10 thoughts on “The Month of Self Care

  1. It’s SO important to listen to your body. I do hope you are feeling better Alice and that at least some of the pressure is off now that you have rescheduled your exams.

    After a couple of weeks of none stop early mornings, exercise, decluttering and redecorating I’ve come to a full stop and I’ve had to spend the last few days on the sofa because my kidney problem is causing me pain. We were supposed to be painting our spare bedroom today and I just can’t mentally or physically.

    I’m going to check out Camp Reset, it might be just what I need. Take care… 🎀

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you’re giving your body and mind a break, and looking after yourself. A break here and there can do wonders, so I hope you feel a bit better soon.

  3. Self-care is so always important. For women especially, we always feel the need to keep going and tend to forget the little things that could help ease the stress. I’ve been seeing Camp Reset on IG and am curious how you’re enjoying it. I’m looking into it now! Great catchup post.

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