Current Projects and Random Thoughts

Today I feel like sharing my own “state of the biz” with you, as they call it. Probably it will help me clearing my mind now that I’m close to finish my exams (hopefully by the end of the year) and start my thesis.

After a whole month off from Twitter, I decided to take it with a different mindset and dust off the old purpose of that account: connect with other Tolkien fans around the world (hence the @alicegreenleaf handle I have). I arrived at a point where I have too many interests and not enough time to dedicate them, University is killing me and I basically only have the evenings to cut some time for my passion projects. I should create a Twitter account for every single topic I’d like to talk about (the blog, Tolkien, Harry Potter, productivity, blogging tips and tricks, and more), I should follow the right people with the right accounts​, and schedule tweets and updates to go live at the right timezone for my different kinds of audience. This is what I tried to do once (with only 2 different profiles) and this is what led me to burnout.

But now that I deleted Buffer from my browser, I’m going to schedule tweets only if really needed using TweetDeck, that’s free and doesn’t require additional login and passwords.

My main social media will continue to be Instagram, thanks to Stories I can interact and share stuff even if I can’t snap great photos, plus it’s still my favorite platform.

The only thing that remains me to figure out is Medium, that’s the platform where I share my productivity posts (many of them are on this blog too), since it’s connected to my Twitter profile, which is also used to log in. I’d like to separate them somehow, so I must do some research.

It’s funny how my love for productivity apps and time management articles makes people thinking I’m a super organized person and, consequently, a great student. The truth is that I’m a big procrastinator and I’m still trying to educate myself, plus I’m a very slow learner.

This March has been crazy (I basically came back home only for dinner) and made me realize, once again, that I can’t allow myself to have too many passions and projects. I have to choose the ones I want to keep and the ones I want to dedicate more/less time. I really want to connect again with the Tolkien fans, because that’s a wonderful community and I feel more at home with them rather than with the bookish community in general, because I’m not a typical book blogger/bookstagrammer.

I want to keep this blog going but more like a journal to reflect about bookish topics, life events and nice things I discover in the productivity world and I want to do it old style: no editorial calendar, no analytics, no SEO and no scheduled tweets. I will always be able to come back and revamp some post for something more serious in the future (when I’ll be an unemployed archaeologist, haha).

I really wanted to do the point of the situation, to let you know what’s going on and where to follow me. 😊

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