The Pressure of Not Reading Enough

When I started writing more about books on this blog, I tried to get some inspiration around the internet and I noticed that all the other book bloggers and/or booktubers were reading much more than me. Like 10/15 books per month, when I usually have some issues finishing one book these days, not because I don’t like reading, but because I find it very hard when I have to spend my days at university or at home studying for exams.

This completely discouraged me and for some time I felt like I couldn’t talk about books on my blog because I wasn’t doing what a standar book blogger or booktuber does: monthly TBR, monthly wrap-ups, book hauls, book reviews, reading challenges. How can I talk about books ignoring those blogging topics? This was the question I ofted asked myself, this is what kept me away from my blog more than once. I felt like I had to follow some rules in order to call myself and my blog book-related.

I finally realized I was wrong and who cares if I do things differently, I still love books, and that’s what matters. Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a great video by a girl who made me feel understood (and then I binge-watched her whole channel, totally recommended). I don’t usually include other media than photos in my posts, but I think ones requires Ariel’s video(s).

Similar to the topic above, I’d like to share an update on my Goodreads challenge. One of the main reasons why I joined it again this year was that I loved seeing the stats of all the books read during 2016 last December, having them all together brought me a good amount of satisfaction to be honest. But I have to admit I never stopped feeling the pressure of the number set at the beginning of the year. I felt myself so conditioned by that that I wasn’t even enjoying my rereading of The Lord of the Rings earlier this month, because I felt like I would never reach my year goal going on so slowly and not reading a new book…you know, all those stupid things a crowded mind can think of.

So the other day, while I was waiting for my professor at my little university desk I had an idea: why not lowering down my reading goal to a symbolic number? I would still get my stats at the end of the year and wouldn’t feel the preassure of reaching that number in time! That’s how I lowered down my Goodreads challenge to only 1 book. I’ve seen other people doing this before, but it didn’t feel right to me until I spent some time thinking about it.

Tracking books is great, I even set up a whole bullet journal with that in mind, but, in the end, what I really enjoy to see is a simple list of the books read during the year, I don’t actually care about pages, editions, stars and so on. Also, I read books about some topics I studied at University more often now, for personal pleasure, and it was driving me crazy I couldn’t track them on Goodreads (you can add books on your own to the website archive, but it’s time consuming and most of those readings are often “weird” academic publications), fortunately I could add them to my little list on paper, but it was frustrating no matter what.

Then Ariel helped me once again to not feel like a lonely weirdo with another inspiring video I’d like to share with you all.

I hope this post helped you to not feel alone anymore, also, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this! Feel free to leave a comment down below 🙂

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