What’s Saving My Life Right Now

I can’t belive that January is already over, I did some progress with my 2017 goals, but not as much as I would like to. I don’t actually love Winter, but it’s always better than Spring (= pollen allergy) and Summer (= heat and humidity) to me and this time I’m looking forward to mid February because I’ll join the Love-a-Thon event again!

I was thinking about writing a “Currently” post to recap the past month and share something about my life, but when Anne announced this linkup I decided it would be funnier sharing the things that are saving my life right now.

1. Corey Olsen’s lectures. One of my goals for 2017 is to cultivate more my passions, so I decided to follow the Tolkien Professor’s lectures he does once a week while playing LOTRO, they are amazing! I can’t actively join them, because of my timezone, but I really enjoy watching them on YouTube.

2. My reading journal. After deciding to purchase an actual planner for 2017 and use a separate notebook for my daily tasks, I started putting more efforts into my reading journal, which is now a commonplace book with an index like the bullet journal. (I usually share some sneak peeks on Instagram Stories)

3. My favorite pen. Pilot G2 – 07, I bought a stock of them on Amazon and I love writing with that ink!

4. This hair tie. I like it because it isn’t elastic and doesn’t stress my hair, the little box I received from my mom had three of them inside and I keep one of them in my everyday bag, in my pen case and in my gym bag.

5. Google Keep. I finally left Evernote (you can read my reason why here) and I’m currently putting all my random thoughts, notes, ideas, tasks and things to read later inside Google Keep. Here is a great video on how to use it.

6. Netflix. I finally got a better wifi connection and my friends gave me a Netflix gift card for my birthday last Fall, so now I’m happily addicted to it! I just finished watching Good Witch and The Crown and I’m currently enjoying A Series of Unfortunate Events and Gilmore Girls.

7. Questing in Lothlorien. My LOTRO character finally reached Lothlorien after the claustrophobic journey in Moria and I’m loving it! The scenery is amazing and the quests are relaxing and nice. I don’t have the desire to visit Mirkwood right now, haha.

8. Ditching perfection inside my journals. I finally allowed myself to scribble and doodle and cross things off inside my journal, rather than trying to have perfect pages and it’s so freeing!

9. Lavendaire. Aileen is inspiring me so much with her videos and now she even created a Facebook group!

Here is the link to Anne’s linkup.

What’s saving your life right now?

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