Random Sunday Thoughts

Has been a stressing couple of weeks around here, between my cat’s surgery (she’s fine now!) and my study, I’m a bit exhausted. I’ve been thinking about blogging lately and how it looks like a big bold advertisement everywhere. I visited some of the old italian blogs I used to follow at the beginning of my blogging experience the other day, just to see how they were doing and what I noticed is the lack of spontaneous posts. Everything has to be useful, or sponsored, or professional. My favourite kind of blogs to read are the personal ones and they are so rare these days! I’m guilty of that too, sure. But, hey, I’m here 🙂

Sometimes I find myself wondering how I managed to blog multiple times a week (almost everyday) back in 2010-2011, while I was studying, I had classes, I had a boyfriend! But then I realize that the answer is simple: I still blog that much at these days, but not only in my blog. When I publish a photo on Instagram, it often has proper hashtags and a caption of more than two words. I even type my captions on my laptop sometimes for certain occasion, like they were actual blog posts. Instagram is like my micro-blogging platform while this is where I share longer thoughts.

So, yeah, this post doesn’t have an actual point, I just wanted to share some spontaneous musings with you all. 🙂

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