How I Rate Books

Rating the books you read is not an easy job, there are so many factors to consider that you might end up spending a considerable amount of time to decide how many stars a book deserves and why.

I used to give 5 stars to the books I really enjoyed, but then I didn’t know how to rate those special ones like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, that basically changed my life. Another issue was the books I didn’t finish, should I give them 1 star or don’t rate them at all? What if the first chapters were okay and then they became super boring or bad? Should I have to consider this and assign them 2 stars instead?

Another thing I didn’t enjoy was writing long and detailed reviews. It took me so much time doing so that I was actually reading less or, even more stupid, I was afraid of finishing books because then I “had to” review them.

Mainly, it was Goodreads’ fault, because I was trying to use their rating system and be fair with my reviews at the same time, wasting so much time thinking about all the pro and cons of the books I’ve read.

Now, I use a much easier and simple rating system on Trello and my Moleskine reading journal:

  • good (green label)
  • so-so (yellow label)
  • bad (red label)
  • didn’t finish (black label)

I might add an “epic” rate with a purple label for the books that have a big impact in my life in the future, but for now I’m happy with this super simple system. But I’m still trying to figure out a way to simplify my life on Goodreads too.

I thought my easy rating system was a bit elementary, when I stumbled upon a social network that mixes Goodreads and Bookstagram together and uses a similar rating system: Litsy. I’m still a newbie and I don’t know if I should reshare my Instagram photos there or just focus more on the books snapping new ones without pretty backgrounds and props (like I see other users doing). I’m going to explore it more during the next few weeks. Are you on Litsy? I’d love to know if you have any advice and if you’re enjoying it! (You can find me as @alicegreenleaf there).

How do you rate books? 🙂

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