The Struggles of a Bookworm (Who Loves the Internet)

I was scrolling trough my Instagram feed last Saturday evening, after a totally unproductive day due to some sickness, and one of my favorite girls there shared her plans for the rest of the day: going home reading some books and then going to the cinema in the evening. I remembered that my first thought was: “OMG she’s so lucky, I’m healous of her plans” and then I realized that I’ve spent my whole afternoon catching up with the internet at the end of the week instead of using my free time differently. Like reading one of my 3 started books or organizing a movie night with a friend.

This is probably the most epic internal battle I’m currently fighting with myself. Why can’t I just stop scrolling through those feeds and start reading my books? The internet is so addicting to me. When I was in highschool, I had a long commute, I usually had lunch around 2PM because of that, I went to ballet school three times a week, my parents didn’t let me stay up late in the evening, I had tons and tons of homeworks and stuff to study, but, despite all, I read A LOT. The secret? There was only one computer in the house and it was my dad’s one (he used it for work) and I used it to play videogames only sometimes during the weekend, because the internet wasn’t a thing yet.

At the end of highschool, during the last year, Facebook became popular and everybody subscribed. I had just discovered the magical world of blogs, thanks to Windows Live Space, and I spent my free time chatting with my school mates on MSN…and suddenly books weren’t my thing anymore. This was eight years ago. Ten years ago I was living a “cleaner” life and, even if I was even a bigger procrastinator that I am now (!), my mind was less cluttered and I could spend my days of vacation listen to music, reading and journaling. No need to catch up with the latest blog posts or my inbox, because they didn’t exist yet.

This wasn’t intended to be a sad depressing post, but turning 26 last week made me reflect on a couple of things in my life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, are you experiencing a hate/love relationship with the internet too?

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