Tea Talk Tuesday

It’s been awhile since my last Tea Talk post (almost a year, OMG!) and so many things have changed. This year, I decided to embrace a word and a concept and I tried to let it guide me through the past months, if you remember my previous posts, the word is less.

I really wanted to find a balance between online life and “real” life (let’s call it this way, despite I consider both to be real!), spending less time on social media consuming consuming consuming without creating anything, focusing more on my blog, and so on. It actually happened, in certain ways, but I wasn’t prepared to find myself having to schedule blocks of time on Google Calendar to dedicate solely to my blog, because of my super busy life.

During Spring, I started a voluntary job at a library, with additional voluntary work as webmaster for a local association I joined; then, during Summer, I spent four weeks away from home at a couple of University archaeological excavations and, during that time, all my plans of being present online went away, since I didn’t have any wifi connection nor physical time to catch up with blogs and social media on my phone. I came back home and I found myself super behind with everything, even with the rest of my university tasks and exams. This Fall, I realized it’s hard doing it all and I won’t probably be able to stick with my 2-posts-per-week schedule all the time, but it’s okay, I have to prioritize some things in order to make some space for others, I just have to learn to live with it.

I have too many interests, too many passions (too many fandoms!), and it’s hard for me let things go, I tried in the past, but it was too hard. I’ll always be overbooked, and I must find a way to prioritize and organize my life, I feel like I’m on the right path now.

I’m going to create a static page with all my current projects soon (thank you, Thomas Frank for the inspiration!), but, in the meantime, I’m going to share them here for you, in case you lost track of my presence online.

Here is my list of current projects, they may change over time, something will go, something will remain or something will be added (that’s why I need a dedicated page).

  • writing this blog. I try to publish every Tuesday and Thurday, but I’m often finding myself forced to downsize to only one post a week
  • writing for Middle-earth News and sharing Middle-earth events on social media
  • writing for Travelling Geek Show every other week (I’m working on this schedule frequency, promise!)
  • #bookstagram: sharing pictures of books, my cat, my fandoms on a daily basis on Instagram as @thegeekyburrow
  • #WednesdayWanderings: sharing my weekly adventures playing with one of my LOTRO alts on Tumblr (probably my most geeky project! Still not ready for Twitch, but who knows? :))
  • tweeting again as @alicegreenleaf. After a solid year of trying to market myself as @thegeekyburrow, I realized I couldn’t maintain a niche profile and a personal one at the same time, so I’ve put this one on autopilot (thanks IFTTT!) and returned over @alicegreenleaf. Here I tweet about my various interests, so it’s basically for those of you who want to follow me as a person and not just a specific topic or my blog (for that, stick with @thegeekyburrow, guys!).
  • sharing my productivity posts on Medium. This is a pretty new project, but during the last few months I’ve been lucky enough to beta test some new apps and write productivity posts and I wanted to gather them all together, but opening an additional blog wasn’t an option for me (I don’t have time!!), so I decided to use this platform to share them.
That’s it! I think there are so many different topics here that I almost forgot to tell you I’m about to write my MA thesis and started my last year of classes at University (!). I really wanted to wrap my “quarter of a century” up summarizing my life right now (at 25), because in a couple of days I’ll turn 26 and I’ll probably have one of those not-feeling-an-adult crisis. 🙂
Speaking of October 27, keep an eye on this blog if you want to know more about a cool To-Do list app, because I’m going to have a guest post from a smart guy I met on the internet! (And I’m going to cross-post on his own blog as well!).
If you arrived at the end of this post, well, you’re amazing and I hope you didn’t think I’m crazy for doing all these things at the same time and you’re going to follow me somwhere, if you like. THANK YOU, friends!

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