I Heart Instagram [Tag]

Two years ago around this time, I published this Tag about Instagram and I thought it might be fun to do it again after all this time, since so many things changed! At that time, I was sharing only personal photos with the @alicegreenleaf handle, which is what I still do now, more or less, with the difference that my primary account is @thegeekyburrow and I publish bookish and geeky photos there.

Here is the Q&A with myself. 🙂

What’s your Instagram handle? @thegeekyburrow

How many people do you follow? 281

How many followers do you have? 1.012 (still have to thank them all for the amazing support!)

What are your favorite hashtags? #bookstagram, #TolkienCollection, #HarryPotter

What is your favorite genre of pictures? I used to share my boring everyday life, but now I mostly publish photos of my books and my cat, I like having a sort of theme.

How often do you post? I try to post at least once a day, but sometimes I’m so busy that I might skip a couple of days.

How often do you check Instagram? Several times a day. It’s the app I check more frequently. (This answer didn’t change in two years!)

What’s your favorite filter? I don’t use filters anymore, so I can share with you my favorite editing app: Afterlight. Sometimes I also use the new AColorStory app by A Beautiful Mess.

iPhone only, purist or rebel? Every camera works for me, even if it’s my tablet one!

Three favorite IG accounts currently? @ziba.reads because her photos are amazing and they have an overall feeling of coziness that makes me whant to read every moment! Speaking of coziness, my other favorite it @sincerelysara22, I love her photos and she’s one of my blogger friends. The last one is @superspacechick, I love Kristin’s mix of geek&books, it’s just my jam and, again, she’s another fellow blogger! I must say, that I follow only the accounts I really want to see everyday in my feed, so I have 200+ favorites, actually!

Since this is a sort of revival, I tag everyone who wants to participate!

Do you like Instagram too?

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