I’m a Seasonal Reader

The other day, one of my favorite Tolkien collectors on Instagram, @collecttolkien, asked his followers: “Are there seasons when you like to read certain books?”. My reply to his question made me realize I’m a seasonal reader, meaning that my reading interests vary according to the seasons.

Not sure why, but I like to read The Hobbit during Spring or Fall, LOTR during Winter and The Silmarillion during Summer!

It probably has something to do with my beloved childhood memories and my deep love for Tolkien. For example, I like to read The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter during Winter, because those amazing movies were released around Christmas when I was younger (despite the last Harry Potter movies that came out during Summer, very unappropriate to me!), it makes me remember those magic days waiting for meeting my favorite characters again and looking for nice interviews or photos in all the magazines I spotted around. I’ve been able to live that atmosphere again with The Hobbit trilogy and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! I’m still hoping to love Fantastic Beasts as much as I can to have something to look foward to every Fall/Winter for the next few years. Speaking of which, I’m happy that JK Rowling announced that there will be not 3, but 5 movies in the franchising!

I like to read The Hobbit during Spring, because the story starts during that season and I love following Bilbo’s journey looking at the calendar, even if Tolkien added less dates than in The Lord of the Rings.

Summer is definitely for crime/mystery/thriller books, it’s a tradition of mine since I discovered Agatha Christie when I was a child and I spent a week every year at my grandparents, my granny owned a big collection of those books and I think that’s one of the reasons why I love this author so much. Those three months also remember me of my childhood vacations at the beach with my parents, it was my mom and I’s tradition to buy a new book the first day of our vacation and I usually ended up buying a crime book. Not sure why, another book I like to read during Summer is The Silmarillion, Elves makes me think about those beautiful sunny days I was able to enjoy when I was younger and the weather was still normal (not the Mordor climate you’ll find now).

Finally, I like to read non-fiction during Fall and Winter, because it’s when I’m more focused and I actually want to improve myself and my productivity.

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Are you seasonal readers too? What kind of books do you like to read during Fall? I’d love to chat with you!

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