Why I’m Switching from Bloglovin’ to Feedly After Five Years

I started blogging back in 2010 and shortly after I discovered Google Reader (I guess that was the name?), a nice way to keep track of new posts from the blogs I was following, because I never used my browser favorites to store my blog readings. Unfortunately, since Google is prone to kill its best inventions, that magic tool was shot down and I had to find something else. In 2011, I subscribed to Bloglovin’.

While I still totally recommend it for bloggers, I decided to switch to another tool called Feedly. Here is why.

1. Pocket integration
I use this nice app called Pocket to save all the articles and links I stumble upon the internet during the day and I don’t have time to instantly process, it’s basically a “read later” private space that you can access from everywhere, thanks to the various mobile apps. I also use it to keep track of the blogs where I left comments and don’t have a notification system, so I can easily remember to check them later and see if I received a reply. My friend Molly wrote a great post about this kind of hacks. Feedly has this little button that lets you save an article on Pocket directly from the app/site, without having to use the browser extension or having to email Pocket the url of the article. Boom.

2. Privacy
On Bloglovin’, you have a personal profile and a blog page, they are public and people can follow your profile and see your activities, like if you save a post or like something, add it to a collection, who are you following and so on. While you can still keep something private, it isn’t a default option and you basically have everything under the sun. Now, I don’t have nothing to hide and I follow only the blogs I’m really interested in, but it’s nice having some privacy sometimes. I don’t need another social network and Bloglovin’ looks like that to me right now. Feedly is private by default and you can choose if creating public collections or not.

3. The overall look
Bloglovin’ used to be the place for following lifestyle/food/fashion blogs back in the days (it’s probably how I found one of my favorite blogs of all time, A Beautiful Mess), now you can easily find every kind of niche there, but the look of the site still reminds me of a magazine. Which is nice, nothing wrong with it, but I’m currently liking more the minimalist layout of Feedly.

I found a super useful Chrome Extension, Feedly Subscribe Button, just click it and you’ll be able to easily subscribe to a blog/site! You can even subscribe your favorite YouTube channels in Feedly using this extension.

Do you use a feed reader to keep track of the blogs you follow? What’s your favorite one?

P.s. Feel free to follow my blog either on Bloglovin’ or Feedly, the choice is yours. đŸ™‚

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