My Reading Journal (Bullet Journal Style)

It’s no secret, at this point of my blogging life, that I love books and I love stationery (and also trying to be productive). I recently combined these two passions together to create something completely new to me, a reading journal. One of my biggest regrets is to have never tracked nor annotated my readings until 2015. I discovered Goodreads years ago and I even used it for a while, but it was just another blogger’s social media to me, so I didn’t actually care about it, I even deleted my first account, because I didn’t get the point…I was also frustrated by the fact that, at that time, it was very hard to find italian books there and I didn’t read in english yet.

Then, my love for books sparked again last year, I started reading again like when I was in highschool and I started wanting to record my progress. One of the things that I finally realized is that I don’t like writing reviews of all the books I read, I like writing my thoughts about certain books, and Goodreads wasn’t actually the right place to do that to me. So, I decided to start a reading journal using the method of the bullet journal: creating collections, numbering the pages and tracking them in an index.

I had this super cool Hobbit limited edition Moleskine that I didn’t know how to use it, since the cover is made of fabric instead of faux leather and I was always afraid of ruin it, but what a better way to use it than a bookish journal? Here are all the different elements I added so far.

1. Index
I decided to create the index at the end of the journal and continue it backwards, since I don’t like leaving blank pages in advance when I don’t actually know the exact amount I’ll need.

2. Books Read in 2015-6
Since I started using Goodreads again last year, I’ve been able to find my list of books read in 2015 and I added it as my first collection in the journal, then I added the 2016 one too (obviously, still in progress).

3. Book Log
I also decided to add a sort of log, because I like to see how many books I finish each month and have a quick view of my ratings. It’s basically the copy of the list above, but, somehow, I prefer having them separated.

4. Books to Read
I have this habit of purchasing ebooks when they are on sale on Amazon and then forgetting about them, ending up purchasing something new to start when I finish my current reading. So I created this page to add all the ebooks once I purchase them and to have something choose for my next readings.

5. Book Reviews/Thoughts
I like to journal about my feelings concerning the books I read and writing them on paper first really helps me to understand my opinions and decide what to talk about here on the blog.

6. Book Challenges
One of the reasons why I decided to start a bookish journal was the need I had to keep track of my readings for the Summer Book Bingo, since I didn’t want to clutter my actual bullet journal. I’m so happy I finally did that because it will be nice to look back at it in the future.

That’s it! My super simple but dear to me reading journal. I’m planning to add also my Tolkien studies there, I take tons of notes even during my rereadings of books like The Silmarillion and I usually put them in random notebooks that I regularly lose and forget, but now I’ll be able to keep all in one place and find stuff easily with the help of the index.

Do you keep track of the books you read?

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