If We Were Having Coffee

If We Were Having Coffee is an original weekly meme created by Diana of Part Time Monster.

If we were having a tasty beverage, I’d tell you…

…that my life has been crazy right now, among work, studying for my exams (I don’t even finished yet!) and this insane super hot Summer, I started feeling very tired lately. I’m a bit disappointed with myself, because I really wanted to write some Harry Potter posts for Megan and Kristin’s Potter Month, but I ended up with a bunch of ideas and only a couple of posts written down (here and here, here & here on Travelling Geek Show).

I’m about to leave for a couple of weeks for work (always not paid, but you know that’s how it goes here) and I hope to be able to experience a sort of social media detox. I always admired Jason’s 30 day challenge and I always wanted to try it myself, but I never had the courage. On the other hand, I’m very proud of myself, because I started feeling less and less attached to social media lately, I still check Instagram every few hours, but I realized I often forget about Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter, I mean…what? That’s definitely a win!

I already said that, but I never felt so tired like this Summer, this is probably because I come from the worst Spring ever in terms of health. My pollen allergy was very very bad this year. I should probably move to the North Pole sooner or later. With Santa.

I discovered a new community on an app called Amino, I never heard of it before, but one day I stumbled upon this post and I decided to join, since it’s only on mobile, so I can check it out during my spare time, like on the bus. That’s a community for journalers and I am journaler since I was a child, so it made me feel pretty excited about it that I was even motivated to write more!

Finally, I’d tell you that I’m still reading blogs, even if I’m being very quiet lately. I still love blogging, I just need some rest from my everyday life.

What about you, friends? Feel free to share some thoughts in the comments below!

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