My Ilvermorny House + Potterhead Thoughts

Few weeks ago I saw Pottermore announcing a new piece of writing by JK Rowling about the american version of Hogwarts: Ilvermorny. I was very excited to learn more, so I jumped on the site and started reading the surprisingly long story about the origin of this school. I was happy to notice they translated it in other languages, because one of the things I hated the most of the new site was the lack of the other languages option, which was present in the old site. I’m completely comfortable reading in english, but my thoughts always go to the kids like me, who wouldn’t understand this writing with a poor school knowledge of the language.

So, I started reading it, being super excited at the beginning, because it was a new important piece of Harry Potter history, like the Quidditch games a couple of years ago (that I followed every day on Pottermore), and I started feeling bored. Oh my gosh, JK Rowling’s writing is boring me, how can it be real???

I realized that I don’t care at all about Ilvermorny (I can’t spell that name right!!) and its story, and it made me feel depressed, because, come on, it’s the Wizarding World! But maybe it’s the whole thing that looks like a giant commercial to me, all about the Universal Resort/Park, that makes me feel like meh about all the new stuff that are coming. Despite Fantastic Beasts, because I’m very excited for it, I need a new trilogy to wait after the end of The Hobbit.

I’m praying Rowling won’t write about an Italian Wizarding school, because it would be horrible, it would be the end of all my childhood dreams. I mean, I wouldn’t be allowed to hope for my Hogwarts letter anymore, since I’m italian and I would go to my un-cool italian magic school!

Moving on, I took the test to be sorted in a Ilvermorny house. OMG it was very tough! The questions were a bit weird and I never knew what answer choose, but I wanted to do it well to have a right response. My house is Horned Serpent.

I’m a Hufflepuff and, even if Rowling tweeted that these new houses aren’t connected with the Hogwarts ones, I think this is more a Ravenclaw kind of description, right? I don’t know, I don’t care at all about my american house honestly.

It took me a while, but I knew deep down that I had to write a depressing post about my feelings concerning the new things that are happening in the Wizarding World. I’ve always been a loyal Pottermore user, but too many things changed lately, that I prefer reading the books and watching the movies rather than browse the pages of that site that now looks like a blog written by an unknown author.

This post was all me, me, me, but what are your thoughts concerning Ilvermorny and all? Have you been sorted? What’s your house? Let’s chat! 🙂

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