Less | My June Action Step

One Little Word® is a year-long workshop by Ali Edwards that helps you choosing a word for the year and focusing, meditating, reflecting on it. My word for 2016 is less.

As I wrote in the private group of the One Little Word class, I felt very disconnected with my word lately, I didn’t even do the previous two monthly prompts and I felt very bad about it, I even asked myself if it was worth continuing with the project. But now I decided to take June as a new beginning.

I started thinking what was keeping my mind too busy, crowded with thoughts, what I actually felt like a chore instead of a pleasure, and I ended up realizing it was blogging. Since last year, when I started watching webinars, reading about marketing and how to become an entrepreneur (only because I liked it), I followed all the rules scheduling my posts, using an editorial calendar, trying so badly to stick with 2/3 posts per week, because “consistency is the key”. But I’m a university student and it’s hard, very hard, especially during Summer when my exams last until the end of July.

So, in June (and probably most of the Summer), I’m going to break the rules, blogging only when I’ll feel like it, instead of trying to stick with consistency. I’ll still use my editorial calendar, but I’ll mostly move things around to suit my mood, instead of force myself to write that post, because it HAS to be publish that day.

I miss the three-month Summer holidays I had when I went to school! 🙂

Do you have any specific plans for your blog during Summer?

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