10 Reasons I Love the Harry Potter Saga

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme created by Jamie and the girls over Broke and the Bookish.

I was tempted to write something like “10 Reasons I Love Hobbits” or “10 Reasons I Love the Shire”, but then I decided it would be too predictable, so why not going super fancy talking about…Harry Potter?? Ha, genious!

My current laptop wallpaper courtesy of Pottermore!

1. It’s a very long series. 7 books! I mean, when you love something, you want it losts forever, so I appreciate the fact that, if I start rereading the books, it will take me several months to finish them. I also loved to wait for the new movies being released.

2. The main characters grow up together and you can actually notice them becoming adults. I really enjoyed the love stories, because they looked natural and sometimes funny (right RonRon? :))

3. I actually grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. I started the series just after elementary school, so I could totally relate to the characters and their feelings about being in a new school and meeting new friends.

4. One of the best things about this saga, in my opinion, is that there is whole fictional world built in our own that makes things even more real. It isn’t like Tolkien’s Middle-earth that’s completely disconnected from our Earth, the Wizarding World is a hidden layer in our reality and it’s the reason why Harry Potter looks so real to me.

5. Another thing that always made me feel like I was reading about something real was the presence of latin words for spells.

6. Owls. I mean OWLS. Plus the fact that students can have a personal animal with them. I’m torn between an owl and a cat, to be onest.

7. I adore that wands are made of wood and various cool ingredients, but also that they choose the owner!

8. One of the things that positively surprised me was the presence of “good” ghosts interacting with the students and helping the teachers. They are usually seen like evil creatures that persecute people for the eternity, but I really enjoyed how Rowling introduced them in the Hogwarts environment.

9. Hogwarts itself is probably the most amazing thing of the entire saga, hands down. I’d definitely move there for my whole life tomorrow!

10. Finally, I really enjoyed the structure of the story with each book corresponding to a school year. I’m such a perfectionist that I can’t tolerate the fact that the movies are eight, while the books are seven. 8 and 7!! So wrong!! 🙂

Do you love Harry Potter? Let’s geek out a little bit in the comments below! 😉

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