My Thoughts on Book Blogging Three Months Later

When I decided I wanted give book blogging a chance last February, I didn’t read many blogs in this niche yet, so I did what I always do: blogged two/three times a week, left comments to my favorite posts and tweet-promoted my posts. I quickly realized that this niche is a bit different from the lifestyle/geek I come from.

Aside from a bunch of awesome people I’ve met (and that are part of the reason why I decided to join this world), I didn’t feel myself like inside a big family in this community. First of all, only few bloggers reply back to the comments you leave and this, honestly, is a bit discouraging for me. I know that if you receive 40/50 comments per post, you have to review three ARCs and other five books by the end of the month, post two/three times a day on Instagram, you have a family and a day job or university/college, a huge Goodreads goal, things can get super busy and you will find yourself not having time to reply to comments. But it was frustrating for me at the beginning. I joined some blog memes and I spent many time going blog to blog from the linkup leaving thoughtful comments (not just “nice list!” ones), saving those links on Pocket to be able to check them later and finding out, after a week, that only a small percentage of bloggers replied me. Coming from a different side of the internet, I was used to have many conversations with my readers or the people I read. Community and engagement are the best part of blogging for me.

In addition to all this, I noticed book bloggers usually publish posts five days a week, mostly reviews of books they JUST finished. So I see people reading 10+ books per months, still having a job and a family, receiving tons of books to review, and managing to run their blogs full-time. How can they do that?! That’s not me, that’s not why I started book blogging. I like the way you can fangirl about a book you read or have read and have conversations with your friends about it, but I have a very busy university life, so I usually read two books per month and I don’t accept any book for free to review, because I want to tackle my TBR pile first.

I hope this post won’t sound too polemic, I just wanted to list the things I noticed as a newbie, coming from another niche. 🙂 I’m going to continue writing about books, because it makes me happy and I didn’t want my blog to become a personal diary because of my lack of motivation/time for writing useful contents. I’ll keep doing it my own way though, joining memes when I want to and publishing blog posts when my schedule will allow me to. One of the promises I made to myself when I started transitioning to this world has been to not let myself feeling guilty for reading less books than the other people online and for not having the most perfect and beautiful bookstagram account. It’s me, I have to do it my own way to actually enjoying the journey.

Did you ever experience something similar? Like changing a niche (or main blogging topic) and feeling a little bit lost at first?

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