Alice in Bookland: Salone del Libro 2016

Living in Italy and being a bookworm and a geek girl isn’t very pleasant, since there aren’t any cool conventions to attend like those I see abroad, but we do have a special bookish event every year (and it’s even in my hometown!). It’s callend Salone Internazionale del Libro and it’s basically a five-day book exhibition, with conferences, booths and more.

My mom and I went there every year, since I started university and my schedule was more flexible, because it’s easier to visit it on weekdays instead of the weekend. I never find authors or lectures that actually interest me, due to my geeky tastes, but it’s always amazing being surrounded by books and seeing your favorite editions in person instead of on a computer screen!

I have a little list of favorite publishers I always want to visit every year. One is Salani, that publishes all the Harry Potter books. I really wanted to purchase the illustrated edition of the Philosopher’s Stone but, since there aren’t any special discounts at the event (that’s a major downside for me), I decided to wait and buy it from Amazon, where the price is lower!

One thing that I noticed is that they started calling “young adults” the genre that was called “libri per ragazzi” (lit. “books for teenagers”) until a couple of years ago. This is one of my favorite sections to see in every publisher’s booth.

It was awesome being able to see so many Funko POP! figures in person for the first time ever! Too bad there weren’t the Harry Potter and LOTR/The Hobbit characters (those I care about the most).

Even if I don’t read many classics, it’s always nice spotting the newest editions every year. I loved the illustrated one of Alice in Wonderland!

This year there was a big booth for Peanuts! I couldn’t help but snapping some photos there. 🙂

I’m not a religious person, but the Vatican publishing library always has the prettiest set-up!

Finally, a beautiful quote: “Books are everything. Books are life”.

The biggest disappointment for me this year has been the complete lack of Tolkien books. While last year I managed to purchase three of them and I saw an entire wall dedicated to them, this year there was no sign of Middle-earth.

Here is my little bookish haul.

I purchased a calendar for 2017, because it’s a little tradition of mine since there is this publisher who doesn’t sell things online and I can only see their booth at this exhibition every year. Then I purchased two sheets about German grammar & verbs (useful when I’ll start learning it again) and two art history books by Alberto Angela. This guy is a well known scientific popularizer who works in TV since I was a child, he made me love archaeology and ancient history and I’ve been so lucky to meet him at a book con few years ago. #fangirlmoment

Here is my little bookish adventure, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and photos! 🙂

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