Ten Blogs I Love That Aren’t About Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme created by Jamie and the girls over Broke and the Bookish.

I love this week’s topic, since I discovered book blogging only during the last few years and I’ve been a blogger and reader since 2010. As you will notice, I have a passion for boring things like business, marketing and social media strategies, so I decided to mix those blogs with the other ones I love to make things more enjoyable. 🙂

1. A Beautiful Mess
I started reading this blog in 2011 or so and I never stopped! I love Elsie and Emma and I’m a big fan of their business, I even won their Photoshop ecourse a couple of years ago during the Christmas giveaway and I can assure you it’s amazing! I was very very lucky. I’m not a super crafty person, so I don’t actually try their tutorials, but I love their business tips and home decoration. I started following the blog because of all the photography tips and tricks at the very beginning, now it’s mostly because I’m attached to them. 🙂

2. Boho Berry
Oh my gosh, you guys, Kara has the best blog ever! I discovered it last Summer and that’s what actually made me want to try (and never leave) the bullet journal method. She’s such a kind and talented person, I’m really happy for what she’s been able to accomplish in so little time with her business.

Bonus: a special mention goes to Kim of Tiny Ray of Sunshine, who runs another blog about bullet journaling, she’s such a lovely and talented person!

3. Travelling Geek Show
*coughs* Self-promotion *coughs* I’m cheating a little bit, since I co-founded this blog with two of my besties, Maria and Lily. After the Hobbit movie were over, we found ourselves a bit sad and with less work to do on Middle-earth News, due to the natural lack of news and interviews, so we decided to create this blog to talk about our other passions. It’s definitely a geek blog. 🙂

4. Social Media Examiner
This is a blog about social media marketing, I read it because I really like being always updated concerning the latest changes and news in the social media field. My favorite thing about this blog is their weekly posts “This Week in Social Media” that summarize what happened in this world (change of policies, new features, partnerships, and so on).

5. The Haute Notes
I don’t even remember how I discovered Rachel’s blog last Winter, but I love it! It’s a blog about blogging and entrepreneurial life jam packed with useful information. Plus, Rachel is my favorite Snapchat user, she gives super interesting tips and tricks there.

6. Melyssa Griffin (former The Nectar Collective)
Melyssa is my trusty favorite business blogger. She gives so much information and writes the longest/most useful post ever! She’s basically the star of Pinterest. 🙂

7. Ali Edwards
Ali is probably one of the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s a wonderful woman and her projects (One Little Word, December Daily) helped me so much to see my life in a different, better way. It’s because of her if I started doing Project Life back in December 2014. I’ll always be grateful for her work.

8. Pencil Philosophy
Maria is one of my best friends, even if we never met in person! We work together at Middle-earth News and she runs a blog about her travels and her wonderful art. She’s going to stay in New Zealand for some time at the end of this year, so you won’t want to miss her posts!

9. My Open Sketchbook
It was so hard to not mention my fellow bookworms in this post! Kayly is a talented artist, a mom, and a fellow geek girl. I love her blog because we have many passions in common and she’s such a lovely person!

10. Trello Blog
It’s no secret that I LOVE Trello, I use it to organize different areas of my life. I also really like their blog, because it’s full of productivity tips and advice, plus they often share public boards to let you take some inspiration.

What are your favorite non-bookish blogs? 🙂

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