25 Bookish Facts About Me

My friend Myla tagged me for the 25 bookish facts tag and I couldn’t be happier since I already decided to do this tag sooner or later even if nobody had tagged me, haha.

It’s been a little hard to find 25 things to say about myself, but I think you’ll definitely know me better after reading this post (and hopefully will like me!). I’m not going to tag specific people, since I think it’s a quite popular tag (especially on YouTube), but feel yourself tagged if you want to share some facts about you!

1. I never thought I would become a book blogger. Seriously, I can’t still believe it right now! The fact is that I always thought that you had to read 10+ books per month, snap super staged photos, being able to write very professional reviews and purchase a lot of books to be a book blogger. I was wrong and the truth is that book blogging lets me talk about all my geeky passions.

2. I have to remove the dust jacket of hard cover books when I read them, I can’t hold in my hands the book with additional layers.

3. I had a Twilight phase when I was in highschool. #TeamEdward (but not #TeamPattinson)

4. Don’t hate me, but I don’t get the point to collect all the editions of the world of various books and not just of the favorites. I mean, I get collectors, I DO have multiple editions of the same books, but only by JK Rowling and Tolkien, because they are my favorite authors and their fictional worlds mean so much to me.

5. I hate when I mention my Kindle ereader and the perks of using it and people doesn’t even listen to me and stops me saying they don’t like reading from a screen. The Kindle is not like the tablet app!

6. Despite my deep love for staged flatlays, the photos I enjoy the most on instagram are everyday life moments, they make me want to interact with the user because they look more down to earth to me.

7. I never receive books for my birthday or Christmas that are just “for fun”. The only people who usually give me books are my relatives and somehow they are convinced that I like reading about politics and social problems. Basically they don’t know me at all.

8. I hated all the books I had to read for school, except for Dante’s Divina Commedia, which was very hard to understand though because of the ancient language.

9. I always want to read the book before watching the movie, but I usually fail and then I’m not interested in the book anymore.

10. I love to know how much it will take me to finishe the current chapter (or book) when I read from my Kindle! It makes me feel like I can be more relaxed so I can control my reading time.

11. I recently decided to buy more books in english, because I couldn’t find so many sales for those in italian (my mother tongue), they are usually about topics I don’t care at all.

12. I was afraid of reading in english (outside of blogs and my text books), because I was afraid of not understanding the language enough to read in a smooth way. Red’s Untold Tale proved me I’m perfectly capable to enjoy books in english! I was a little bit intimidated by dialogs, but it was just a matter of habits.

13. I don’t like purchase from used bookstores, because I’m a little bit germophobic and I can’t help but thinking where the book have been, maybe those who read it before me had dirty hands, or maybe they pick their nose…eww.

14. I never counted the number of books I’ve read until last year, when I opened a new Goodreads account and I decided to start reading more again.

15. I’m not a super fast reader and I’m okay with that. (That’s why you don’t see reviews here all the time)

16. The Lord of the Rings is the longest book I ever read.

17. I don’t read before going to bed and I feel myself super uncomfortable reading in my pajamas in bed, because it reminds me of sickness.

18. I can be easily distracted, this goes also with my procrastination problem, so I can’t read a book if the TV is on or some music is playing in the background.

19. The question I fear the most is: “what’s this book about?” because I’m kind of afraid of having to explain someone the plot and the characters without being prepared a speech first!

20. One day I will own and read all the volumes of The History of Middle-earth.

21. I’d love to work in a bookstore.

22. I like pretty bookmarks and I use them very often, I still have those made with papyrus that I bought at the Egyptian Museum when I was a child.

23. I’m planning to catch up with the most popular fantasy series sooner or later. I basically missed them all after highschool and I want to join the fun!

24. My highschool boyfriend called me Belle and he gifted me the entire Twilight saga.

25. I am always on the fence when it comes to include the books I read for university in my Goodreads or not.

Phew! Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share some bookish facts about you (not necessarily 25!) in the comments down below. I’d love to read them!

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