Literary Dream Trips on My Bucket List

I won’t start saying the classic sentence “I love to travel”, because my inner Bilbo Baggins loves too much her bed and her stock of tissues to feel comfortable in another place. Sure, I always loved the travels I managed to experience, but I’m always a little bit scared when I have to leave my cozy house. I don’t usually dream about visiting exotic destinations and hidden gems of the world, because when I think about travels, I usually dream about literary destinations.

Harry Potter Studios. This is at the first place in my bucket list, since it’s the closest destination, geographically talking. When I visited London last Fall I wasn’t able to experience the tour, because it was too expensive, but I’m still hoping to be able to do it one day. I’d love to visit the american themed park too in my wildest dreams. It would mean the world to me! I think I’ll also want to visit New York after watching Fantastic Beasts… 🙂

Hobbiton Movie Set. It has the second place just because I can’t even imagine when I’ll have enough money to afford a trip to New Zealand. However, I dream about living in the Shire since I was 11, so it’s on my bucket list for sure!

Victorian London. I know that time-travel isn’t available at the moment, but I’d love to have a tour of Victorian London in a total Sherlockian atmosphere. I’ve been lucky enough to experience something similar during my visit to Backer Street in October, unfortunately I didn’t visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but I enjoyed the themed shop!

Oman and Persian Gulf. This is totally James Rollins’ fault. After reading one of my favorite books ever, Sandstorm, I always wanted to travel this region, even if I’d probably die because of the high temperature!

What are your literary dream trips you’d like to do one day?

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