Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme created by Jamie and the girls over Broke and the Bookish.

You know those little things you absolutely love about reading and the amazing world of books? Today I’m sharing with you my top ten delights!

1. Beautiful covers. When Goodreads didn’t exist and then I didn’t know about it, I used to spend hours in bookstores trying to find the perfect next reading, since my budget was tight and I didn’t want to waste my money. I didn’t have any reviews to look at, so I just chose the books if I liked the plot and the covers. Yep, covers always have a huge impact on me! And sometimes I choose wrong because of them.

2. Reading from your Kindle and holding a cup of tea. I hate holding a normal book with just one hand, I always feel it super uncomfortable, so I end up never sipping tea while I’m reading a paper book. Thankfully, I can do both things (reading and drinking) holding my Kindle!

3. Hardcover books. A friend of mine once told me she prefers paperbacks with thin paper, because they are easier to bend while in bed. The horror. I’m totally the opposite: I love hardcover books with thick pages!

4. Free promotional bookmarks. If there is something that makes me suddenly happy is finding promo bookmarks inside the books I purchase from the bookstore, it’s such a little surprise! I even like those from the publishers.

5. Thick paper. As I previously said, I like books with a sort of page consistency and a not too white color, the perfect ones I own are the Harry Potter series (of course).

6. Someone reading (and enjoying) a book you recommended. This basically happens once in ten years to me, ha! So it’s always amazing hearing friend or a relative who actually likes the book I recommended them.

7. Highlight quotes without damaging the book. I hate filling my books with post-it notes and highlight phrases with pencil or highlighter if they aren’t school texts, but I also like to remember my favorite quotes. Fortunately my Kindle lets me do this without damaging my beloved books. I can also copy them on my computer and easily add them to my blog posts.

8. The smell of new books. I will never understand how people can love the smell of old books, and I’m an archaeologist, I’m used to dig with my own hands in the soil, or stay in dusty places and museums are my second home. But no. Old books don’t smell pleasantly to me.

9. That feeling when you finish a very long book. Pure satisfaction mixed with sadness. That’s what I feel after finishing a very long book like The Order of the Phoenix or The Lord of the Rings. Satisfaction is usually followed by sadness, since I immediately start missing the characters and/or the fictional world where the story takes place.

10. Beign able to know how much time it requires you to finish a chapter or a book. Another thing I love about my Kindle! I don’t like to stop reading in the middle of a chapter, so I always struggle with my reading because I don’t know how much it would take me to finish those pages. Fortunately, my Kindle calculates the estimated time to finish the chapter and also the book, so I can choose what to do when I have only few minutes left to read.

What are your bookworm delights? I’d love to know them! 🙂

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