Less | My April Action Step

One Little Word® is a year-long workshop by Ali Edwards that helps you choosing a word for the year and focusing, meditating, reflecting on it. My word for 2016 is less.

Few days ago I changed my instagram username in @thegeekyburrow (now it matches with Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter and, well, this blog! Yay!) and I created a new profile to keep @alicegreenleaf, but also because I felt the need of having a personal account. It doesn’t look I embraced my One Little Word, less, so much lately, right? False, I’m living by that word, it’s just a bit difficult to understand, so I’ll let you enter inside my head for a moment.

I started The Geeky Burrow thinking it would be a great idea running a lifestyle blog, without realizing I’m not able of doing it for several reasons: I hate cooking, I don’t do any DIY, cannot afford a good blogging platform, a DSLR, someone who takes pictures of me, I basically live in a cave (my super ancient house has super old windows and they are very small so there is always less light than in a normal house) so I can’t take photo shoots, I study, and so on.

I didn’t want to own a mediocre blog, I wanted to own a nice one. Then, at the end of 2015, I started noticing some changes: my Bloglovin’ feed was full of bookish posts, my Instagram photos about geeky/bookish stuff were the most liked ones and people liked to talk with me about books and fandom obsession. I realized that I had to let my inner Belle shine again and stop hiding my bookworm self just because I didn’t manage to read 10 books a month. I could be a book blogger.

That’s also why I started changing the kind of photos I shared on Instagram and, while I was incredibly loving that, I was also missing sharing silly photos of flowers and everyday useless stuff. Then Instagram made it super easy to switch accounts and I decided to create @letteringandplanning for my journal/planner/bullet journal obsessions. Shortly after, I found myself running three different accounts.

Why is it better for me and completely embrace my less phisolophy? Well, I’m a planner girl by nature, I can also be easily distracted, so I need a sort of division into compartments in my life. I hate super crowded parties and dinner tables where everybody talks about 100 different subjects and I can’t decide which conversation join first. I have to be organized in order to be happy and less anxious. Makes sense? That’s why this Instagram niche division is perfect for me! To be completely honest, I only plan in advance the photos I share on @thegeekyburrow, while the other two accounts are more I-share-when-I-want-to kind of thing. I know that many people would think this is crazy, but I never said to be a normal person, haha. 😉

Do you prefer having multiple themed account or just one on Instagram?

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