3 Books I’m Afraid of Rereading

My most productive season of my reading life has been during highschool, because I had a lot to study, but the internet wasn’t a way to procrastinate, wi-fi and social media didn’t exist, and my internet connection was the basic one, so I used it just for school reaserch. Life without social media wasn’t that bad… Anyway, one of my class mates was a huge book hoarder and she always purchased all the hard cover editions of the best books (while I was allowed to purchase the cheapest paperback ones at the supermarket) and, since libraries in Italy aren’t the right place to find your next favorite book to read (it would require an entire post to discuss this), I “used” my classmate as my personal library.

I still remember some books, like Daughter of the Forest, that had a huge impact in my life and I’d like to reread most of them sooner or later. But there are some books I’m afraid rereading for different reasons, here are three of them.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
I loved this book (and the whole saga), I read it when I was 15 and it really made me dream. I wanted a boyfriend like Edward Cullen, I was as clumsy as Bella and I wanted to live in Forks, because of all that amazing rain and scenery. After the movies came out, I started reading the worst things about these books and I only hear people making fun of them still now, after a decade! I know Twilight isn’t a classic, a masterpiece, whatever, but I loved that book at that time and now I’m afraid of rereading it, because I might not enjoy it anymore. My life changed a lot, I grew up and don’t have those feelings for boys anymore, because, you know, regularized hormones. Plus, I never liked stories about vampires, Twilight was an exception!

I Love Shopping by Sophie Kinsella (aka Confessions of a Shopaholic)
Another series. It made me discover chick lit and I loved every single book about Becky’s adventures and, even if I hated her behaviour sometimes, I couldn’t put the book down. Also, London! I didn’t like the movie at all though, it was different from the book and made the main character looks like an idiot, so not for me. However, I’m afraid of rereading it because I might find it, I don’t know, stupid, meaningless, a waste of time? I’m afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore like I did in the past.

A Selection from Dubliners by James Joyce
This is a totally different topic, because it’s a book I had to read for my English class when I was in highschool and I didn’t understand a sentence of it! I was pretty good at English and I loved the literature stuff our Professor assigned us, but this book! Oh gosh, I still have nightmares and I don’t even remember the plot. I mean, even the cover is horrible. I’m afraid of rereading it, because I’m afraid of realizing I won’t be able to understand it, even after all my improvements with English.

Do you have any book you loved (or you hated) and you’re afraid of rereading it now?

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