How I Organize My Books and Music with Trello

Photo credit: R Artspace

I love Trello, because it helps me managing so many different aspects of my life and keep things separated at the same time. I use it to manage my secondary blog, Travelling Geek Show, with my two friends Lily and Maria, it helped me to plan my trip to London last Fall, and I’m currently using it to organize my music and my readings.

Let’s talk about books first. I totally have to thank my friend Maria for this idea, she sent me a screenshot of her Trello reading journal and I immediately created one for myself, because I already knew it was genious.

I created 6 lists inside a board named Reading Journal:

  1. Want to Read – for the books I see around the internet and I’d like to read one day.
  2. TBR (Already Owned) – self-explanatory.
  3. Currently Reading
  4. Read
  5. Perpetual Readings – there are some books I’ll continue reading for ages, because they are huge, like Letters from JRR Tolkien and the complete volume of Sherlock Holmes, and having them constantly into my Reading list would make me feel too bad and anxious.
  6. Reading Challenges – I use this list as a key, since I color coded all the reading challenges for 2016 using labels, so I can easily see my book status.
I still use Goodreads, but I wish there was a way to mark my books as rereadings instead of just having to add different editions to my bookshelf to make them count, also I like to have a more private space to record my readings. I know many people uses spreadsheets, because of stats and stuff, but I don’t actually care about that, so Trello perfectly works for me.

Concerning my music, it’s a bit different. Last year my laptop got a virus and I had to reinstall Windows from scratch losing all my music files, because I didn’t backup them, since my external HD was full. I still had all my songs on my iPhone, but the folder on my laptop was gone, so I couldn’t syncronize it through iTunes.

Long story short, I started listing all the songs I wanted to download again on Trello and I’m still in the process of building my music library again. I use this board the traditional way, moving the cards from a list to another according to what I’m doing. Again, I could just create a spreadsheet, but I definitely love how Trello works!

I created a whole list just for “Middle-earth music” since I have some favorite soundtracks and I prefer to not have the entire album on my phone, so I can go on random mode and always listen to my favorite music.

Have you ever tried out Trello? Do you like it? If not, I’d recommend to give it a try. It’s free!

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just super excited about Trello.

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