Less | My March Action Step

My One Little Word for 2016 is less and I’m trying to find something actionable every month to stay connected with it this year. Thanks to my friend Kay‘s inspiration, I decided to share my progress here on the blog with this new series.

One of my favourite bloggers, Gala Darling, recently published a blog post that made me think even deeper about my blogging experience and how I really want to go back to basics. During the last year and a half I tried to follow all the rules those infobloggers were sharing, things like post x posts per week, stick with y days, create an editorial calendar, plan everything in advance, and so on.

I think they are great advice if you’re trying to turn your blog into a full time job, but it’s not my case. I’m working hard at university to build my career in a totally different field and I like to have my blog as my primary hobby, but nothing more. Italian laws made me understand that I’m not ready to risk my money (it’s complicated to explain, but you risk a lot) monetizing my blog, I don’t have enough savings to pay monthly fees for Buffer and a better blogging platform, so I just want to blog about the things I love.

One of the things that Gala said, and I can totally relate with, is:

When I started galadarling.com in 2006, I wanted it to be useful. So my blog was all about the how to: how to throw a picnic, how to dress like Marie Antoinette, how to move to New York City on a wing and a prayer. But as the years tick by, my desire to share this kind of information has fizzled. I look around at other blogs and want to take a big nap. It’s either a sponsored post or something with a click-baitty title that never lives up to its promise.

I’m tired of rules. I started blogging in 2007 and it was all about the present, I didn’t even know you could schedule a blog post! One of the reasons why I enjoyed so much the Love-A-Thon event is that I’ve been able to blog in a spontaneous way, not thinking about SEO, the perfect “Pinterest-worthy” header, and so on. I’m busy, my life is a mess sometimes and I don’t want to transform this blog into a chore.

So, my March action step to connect myself with my One Little Word of the year, less, is to declutter my Bloglovin’ feed and unfollow the majority of infoblogs I subscribed myself last year. To not forget their url, though, I created a list of links in an Evernote note, so I’ll be able to check them out once in a while. Nothing crazy, but I only follow the blogs I really want to read on Bloglovin’ and this is not the right moment to read articles about being an infopreneur and a perfect blogger for me.

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