Smartphone Apps I Cannot Live Without

This week we have to pick a 5 Fandom Friday topic we missed in the past and I decided to go techy sharing my top 5 apps. The best thing is that they are available both for iOS and Android!

1. Instagram
I created an account there even before having a smartphone from a friend of mine’s phone, because I really wanted to join it. It’s my favorite social media and now that you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, I’m even more addicted!

2. Afterlight
I tried all the editing apps out there, but afterlight is the winner for me. It’s easy to use and has the best tools to edit your photos, I don’t use any filter for my photos, but there is a great selection inside the app, you can even create your own saving your editing process, just like Photoshop actions.

3. Evernote
Since Evernote is basically my brain, I use this app so much! Especially when I’m on the go and a great idea for the blog comes up in my mind, I can easily jot it down in an Evernote note no matter where I am.

4. Project Life
This is finally available for Android too and I’m loving it!! It’s my favorite tool for memory keeping and recording things that happen in my life through photos and words. If you don’t know what Project Life is, be sure to check out the official website here.

5. Google Calendar

I have a paper planner, but it only has 12 months (of course) and I’m afraid of wreck it carrying it in my bag all the time, that’s why I use Google Calendar a lot. It isn’t only my “backup system” for things like tax deadlines, car inspection, my annual doctor appointments, etc. It’s also my favorite tool to block my hours (university classes, gym, dates) and see my week at a glance, so I can organize my life.

What are your favorite smartphone apps?

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