5 Things in My Bag at All Times

I must confess that I’m having nightmares to understand what english words are from US and what are from UK, that’s why I’ve changed the title in “…my Bag…”.

I’m quite an organized person and I like to have a wide range of essential stuff in my bag, so I only selected five things for this post. Surprisingly, I never carry my planner around, I like to keep it at home on my desk, because I can easily update my Google Calendars when I’m away.

1. Wallet
Of course, I mean, who goes out without having money and documents? I don’t have a favorite brand, I just like to spend few money for my wallets, since they tend to become easily worn out.

2. Tissues
I have pollen allergy basically all year long, that’s also why I love Winter and snow, so I have to carry with me tons of tissues, I can’t live without them.

3. Kindle

I purchased my Kindle in 2012 and it helped me to save tons of money and read more. We don’t have the habit to go to the library here in Italy, because they mostly have academic and school books, plus there aren’t local ones (I should go to the main city to find one). So, if you want read something for pleasure, you have to buy the books. Amazon has daily deals (mostly under 1 Euro) and I’ve bought many kindle books this way. I like to keep in in my bag all the time, since I can read whenever I have the occasion.

4. Keys
I live in the middle of nowhere, so I have to use my car for everything, because public transport doesn’t exist anymore. So, the keys of my house and my car are always in my bag, of course.

5. Chewing gums

I am always hungry, but I can’t eat all the time when I’m outside, so I always keep a little box of chewing gums in my bag. They help me to kill hunger. And, yes, those are Star Wars chewing gums!

What do you carry in your bag all the time? 🙂

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