Less | My February Action Step

My One Little Word for 2016 is less and I’m trying to find something actionable every month to stay connected with it this year. Thanks to my friend Kay’s inspiration, I decided to share my progress here on the blog with this new series.

After deciding it was time for a Twitter hiatus last month, I tried to stay away from it using a couple of tricks: I deleted the app from my phone, I set a reminder to check out notification once a day, I used Buffer to share blog updates, and I also found a great IFTTT recipe that sends me a notification on my personal Slack channel when someone mentions me. I suddenly noticed the benefit of staying away from Twitter, but, once my semester started again, the feeling of overwhelm knocked at my door again and I realized I can’t do it all. I even missed my Tuesday post this week!
My action step of the month is all about simplify my process. Last year, I shared how I was using three amazing tools to keep my internet life sane (Evernote, Asana and Trello). While I still use them all for different aspects of my life, I realized I needed an easier way to manage my blog. I got rid of all the tools that I didn’t actually use and I just set up a notebook on Evernote called Blog Editorial Calendar, then I created a note for each month of the year. In each note I copied the monthly calendar I found at Evernote’s blog. (I use the one called Monthly calendar — Live Green) So, every time I have a new blog post idea, I just write it in the first free box (sticking with a 2 posts per week schedule), this way I can easily move contents around if I want to share something else.

It’s like a paper calendar with sticky notes for blog post ideas. I love it because it’s easy and can be edited from all my devices and I hope it will be a good way to organize things along the year.
How do you like to manage your blogs? 🙂

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