My Fictional Best Friend

The girls who run the Shelf Love Challenge gave us a nice prompt to write a February blog post:

Who is your book boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend? What qualities does this character have that makes him/her the best?

I was about to start writing an essay about Legolas Greenleaf as my fictional boyfriend, when I realized that my love for this character was born because of the movies and Orlando Bloom, I’d probably never have a crush on “book Legolas” if the LOTR trilogy never existed.

Then I started thinking about my love for Hermione’s character, but, to be honest, she’s always been more like a role model to me than a fictional best friend. I’d be too intimidated by her authority and amazing brain to actually become her friend in real life.

If we were in highschool, I’d start talking about Edward Cullen as my fictional boyfriend, because he had all the main qualities to be the perfect guy to my younger self (except for the vampire thing!).

At this point, you might notice I was pretty much clueless and about to give up this blog post, but then I thought why not writing about my insecurity? I don’t have an official fictional boyfriend or best friend anymore, but I have a fictional soulmate, someone who couldn’t be my husband nor my BFF4E, but could definitely be my fictional counterpart: (young) Bilbo Baggins.
We have so much in common! Even if I’m not 50 years old… I’m single, I’m known for being respectable, polite and rational, I drink tea every afternoon and I’d never leave my house. I love food and I like to stay up late at night. I like to go for a walk and I love maps. I write in a journal (it’s not red), and I would be tempted by my Tookish side to go on an adventure, a memorable one. Also, I would definitely live in the Shire, at Bag End.

Quick Reading Challenges Update

As I wrote in my previous post, I managed to read Red’s Untold Tale, And Then There Were None, and A Scandal in Bohemia so far!

Do you have any fictional boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend?

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